The December Concierge Hour

The December Concierge Hour

Not sure where to get started with Daniel House Club? Check out this training video. Or, join one for yourself next month. They're the last Thursday of every month. Plus, you'll get a $100 gift card just for attending!



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Robert Fodor: As Susanne, this is Robert. How are you?

Robert Fodor: We're gonna get started at about three minutes after the hour, just so that everybody knows.

Max Ruthven: just

Susanne Navarro: Okay.

Max Ruthven: okay.

Robert Fodor: Hello Montana,…

Max Ruthven: No matter this is Robert's a little bit started at about publicly.

Robert Fodor: this is Robert. We'll get started at about publicly.

Robert Fodor: Hello, and this is Robert. We'll get started at around 12:03. Just everybody knows.

Brenda Szarek: Thank you very much.

Robert Fodor: Hi Amalia, this is Robert. We'll get started in a few moments.

Robert Fodor: Hello for anybody just joining we'll get started at around 12:03. Just so everybody knows.

Robert Fodor: Hi Renee. I think you're on mute.

Renee Wyatt: Yep. Hi, Robert. Hi, everyone.

Robert Fodor: Everyone will be getting started at around 12:00 or 3 for anybody who just joined.

Robert Fodor: Hi Maureen.

Robert Fodor: For Renee, can you hear me? Okay.

Maureen Gerrity: Hi Robert. Thanks for having us.

Robert Fodor: Absolutely.

Maureen Gerrity: We're really excited. we've been playing around with Daniel house for the last week and we are just really happy to have found it and we can't wait to really Dive In.

Robert Fodor: We're excited to have I would normally be on video,…


Maureen Gerrity: Yay.

Robert Fodor: but I'm actually on vacation this week, and I'm at a little cafe in the North Fork of Long Island right now, so

Maureen Gerrity: My gosh, how fun? I bet. It's Cold up there.

Robert Fodor: so it's Yeah,…

Maureen Gerrity: We're in Florida.

Robert Fodor: it's been blustery too. We had so much rain. It's been crazy.

Robert Fodor: So we had two Ferry rides this morning. We have another big ferry ride coming up going over to Connecticut. So

Maureen Gerrity: Thank you for spending your vacation teaching us.

Robert Fodor: Of course. Yeah, absolutely.

Robert Fodor: And also my colleague Renee she is. Diligently holding the fort down while I'm gone.

Maureen Gerrity: Hi Renee.

Renee Wyatt: Hi Maureen, I think we've spoken a few times a lot of your names look familiar. So I'm sure we'll all be working together very soon. Yeah. good.

Maureen Gerrity: Yeah for super accepted. Thank you. You've been really helpful. So, thank you.

Renee Wyatt: I'm so glad to hear that.

Robert Fodor: All right, we'll just get started in about a minute. It'll be 12:03. Looks like it's 12:03 now so we can go ahead and get started. So this is first of all, it's an open Forum that we have for all of our members. So even though I do go through a formal training of the site just to teach you how to use a site and also for those of you who are doing any sort of a refresher if you haven't been on the site in a while, but it is also a open means of communication for you to really ants ask any questions of us as you see fit.

Robert Fodor: If you don't feel comfortable unmuting yourself and just saying it out loud, you can also put it in chat and Renee will be checking chat while we're going through the training and then she can just let me know what the question might be and I'll happy to answer any questions that anybody has so as we go through the training feel free to interrupt. it's encouraged and it's meant to be as interactive as possible. So I do a lot of talking and Renee knows me. I'm a big talker so

Maureen Gerrity: Do you want us to use this raised hand feature?

Robert Fodor: You can if you want but also Renee will keep an eye open on the chat. So if you wanted to just put a little question in on chat, you can do that as well or literally just interrupt and say hey Robert. I have a question about this and that's totally fine. so just kind of some the other house rules for the training would just be if' just please mute. If you don't mind that would be great. and we'll be together for just about an hour today just a little bit under an hour until one oclock Eastern 10 AM Pacific and for everybody in between so I'm gonna be sharing my screen out. Typically I'm on video. I don't know if everybody heard or not, but I'm not in a private location. I'm usually at home and my office but

Robert Fodor: You guys have caught me on vacation this week. So I'm actually at a coffee shop on the North Fork of Long Island. So I can't really go on video right now without showing you everybody who's in this place. but we do have these training sessions the last Thursday of every month and we also incorporate informational webinars into the curriculum for these open forums. So do keep an eye out for our emails. I hope that those emails are getting to all of you. I'd assume that they are because everybody's here but we try to send out reminders and hopefully there's not too many reminders going out to people but these are really great sessions and they're really built for all of you. This is not for us to just chat away and hear ourselves talking. It's really meant for you guys as members to ask questions and also

Robert Fodor: it clarification on anything that you might have and also let us know if there's features that you might want to see we gain really valuable Insight from these sessions. So, please have this be as open a line of communication as possible. With that I'm going to go ahead and get started. I'm going to go ahead and share my screen out. One moment.

Robert Fodor: Can you see my screen is it shared up? Okay. Okay,…

Renee Wyatt: Yes, everything looks good.

Robert Fodor: Thank you. All right, so everybody's probably very familiar with our homepage. This is just the Daniel House Club homepage a couple of different things. You have the ability to select US dollars or Canadian dollars, depending on if you are one of our Canadian clients or not that will display the price in Canadian dollars when you check out do we only have the ability right now to check out a US dollars that will be changing soon. But at least you can see the prices in Canadian dollars if you are a Canadian designer.


Robert Fodor: Our logo will always take you back to our home page and then there's a couple of things. I just want to show you in the top menu bar here. One is the shop menu this, of course, you can go through all of the individual categories and subcategories that we have and then there's a couple of different sub menus down here at the bottom one is called Shop new stuff. Those are for items that have been added that are brand new. Maybe some of you have seen my weekly bulletin that goes out which kind of gives information about new items that have been added but you can always check this at any time because we are literally adding new things daily. and often times even new vendors recently.

Robert Fodor: You can also look at items that are in stock if all else fails as well and you just are not finding the information that you need always reach out to the concierge service and we're happy to check availability for items for you immediately.

Robert Fodor: There's also what we call our sourcing concierge. So if you have a particular item or maybe you're just kind of lost and you don't really know where to look you're not familiar with the vendors. You can click on the wheel find it for you and this actually takes you to just a form that you fill out with your name first and last name email address phone number. And then also if you have links to particular products that you might like or if you want to have an item added you can also just put in a link here or you can just upload a screen grab as well. Just make sure that we are aware who the manufacturer is at least from which website you took it from we try to get this information on your Readiness to purchase only because these get put into a queue when we're doing things like product requests if we're adding new product to the site from one of our

Robert Fodor: Years that is not currently on the site but one that you saw and you want added we can then determine the prioritization of that for you. If you have to get something done right away, you're getting it done for a presentation later that day or tomorrow morning. We can know if the project is 10 days out then we can prioritize it accordingly. But usually we get back to you on the same day or at the next business day.

Robert Fodor: A couple other things here. You can look and I don't really know exactly what I want to look at. But I do want something that looks exactly like that or maybe similar to this item and then you can also just type in any free form details here as well and click submit that will go to our concierge service and it will tell Once we reply back we will send an immediate reply saying that we received your message and that we will get back to you either the same day or by the next business day.

Robert Fodor: if we go into the subcategories here, let's just say we want to look at sofas.

Robert Fodor: There's a couple of things that you can look at here. So there's a whole bunch of different search filtering that you can look at so you can look by vendor. You can look by Price. You can also adjust the price by using this bar here or just typing in the price that you want. again similar with the vendors estimated lead times. You can look at things that are more or less in stock with a three to five week lead time or Yeah, yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: I have a question. So when you're adjusting the price that little toggle bar, is that the retail price or our

Robert Fodor: So that is going to be the retail price. Yeah, yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: price perfect Thank you.

Robert Fodor: And then color same thing dimensional information. We are working on improving the dimensions to include things like oval round things like that abstract things like that. So that is gonna be fourth coming just so that everybody knows but as long as we have data for things like seat depth all of that from the vendor that will be included and that you can filter out accordionally. So definitely use our search filtering capabilities. They're very useful. when you click into a particular product page You'll see here all the photos that we have available from the vendor. And then you have a couple of things so we have the title of the item we have who the wholesaler is who the vendor is? Also, I have this on Canadian pricing. I should probably just turn this off to us.


Robert Fodor: Sorry Canadians who are on but this shows you your MSRP price because I am not logged in right now. So if I log in it's going to show me.

Robert Fodor: you guys have probably seen this little pop-up window. It is temperamental. We all hate it. We all want it to go away some people like it because some people actually do you shop pay to check out if you don't want to use this just click X and it automatically exes it out for you. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to put a number in there in order to log into the site at all. All you need is just your email and your password and then you click sign in. It might take you through this thing where you have to say Okay, all these things these are bicycles. I'm not a robot. And this is just to prevent fraud. But now you can see I'm a pro plus member. So it's going to show me what my member price is. It's 50% off of retail. Or MSRP or map depending on how the vendor provides us with their pricing.

Robert Fodor: We actually are looking because there are some vendors who don't please their map pricing and I'm sure all of you are very well aware of the ones who don't and it also makes it very difficult for all of you to price things out and potentially have your clients shop you for the correct price. So we're working very hard to kind of ascertain with all of our vendors. Are you providing us with MSRP? And if that's the case we are going to try to have both prices here as well as your member price so that if there's ever an issue or a discrepancy or you have a client coming to you saying, Why can I see this online for 3,600 but it's showing as 8900. you'll have the data right there and you'll have it directly on the website. You'll see with the MSRP you'll see if they have map and also what your price is as a member.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Renee Wyatt: Robert quick question are we allowed to use these images legally when we do a more mood board or talk about any of these items in a blog post?

Robert Fodor: Absolutely, there's no restrictions to do that. The only thing that we have restrictions on is your ability to formally resell actually be a reseller for Daniel House Club. We don't have the ability to do that. as a designer, you can resale obviously and be tax exempt Etc as an individual or with your company, but we don't allow you to be a reseller. But yes, you can absolutely use the imagery and any information that you have on here. There's no restrictions on that.

Robert Fodor: Then we also have description information. Sure.

Maureen Gerrity: Robert I'm so sorry. I have a question about that. So can you elaborate on the difference you said? We can resell to our clients, but we can't be a reseller. The reason I'm asking is. We are in the process of opening a teeny tiny little 600 square foot Studio Our intention is really just to meet clients there.

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Maureen Gerrity: But I would like to be open one day a month or one day a week. And if somebody comes in off the street, I would love the ability to sell them something from Daniel house.

Robert Fodor: No,…

Maureen Gerrity: Is that not allowed?

Robert Fodor: absolutely. That's fine. what I'm trying to explain there is that Let's say you were a reseller for kravit. and you had vit as You had a kravit shop.

Maureen Gerrity: okay.

Robert Fodor: That you were reselling crabbit for only. That's what I'm talking about. It's not that you're reselling it to your clients. It's that reselling it to the public. So kind of like a retail shop if you will that it's Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: But we will be doing that.

Maureen Gerrity: That's we

Robert Fodor: But you're gonna…

Robert Fodor: but you're gonna be doing it as part of an interior design project, correct? Yeah, exactly.

Maureen Gerrity: Yeah, I mean, yeah, we have a big following on Instagram and…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: ultimately my goal is to be like, okay guys, we're gonna be open on this Saturday this month if anybody wants to come in we've access to beautiful accent chairs sofas. So if somebody comes in and we do consult with them, we do sort of a Consulting thing on the spot be able to order.

Robert Fodor: Yeah. Absolutely, that's not a problem at all. Yeah. Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: Okay,…

Maureen Gerrity: perfect. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: And…

Robert Fodor: then just moving on down in the product information page we have, weight dimensional information. We have even more specifications if we had any from the vendor. Also what the shipping policy is, so that's our shipping policy because we handle all the shipping for you.


Robert Fodor: And then also what the return and damage and defect policy is this is very important because it varies by vendor and Daniel House Club in Fort all that we do is enforce the policies of our vendor Partners. We do not have our own return policy ourselves. So before you send this off to a client just make sure that you're looking at what the return policy is many of our competitors in the space. I won't name them by name but many of our competitors do not even allow returns at all. So, we do allow them as long as the vendor allows them and typically they have a restocking fee that's associated with them. But the ability to return something is huge as everybody knows right now primarily because of the age that we live in with online retail and E Commerce. so I think that's a very important point and just make sure that

Robert Fodor: and we'll go through this in a little bit before you create your project and you're bored and you share that out with your client that you're actually looking at something that if a return is very important to your client that it actually is returnable. Otherwise if it's down the road and they get it and they don't like it or it doesn't fit or whatever the case might be and Not returnable, our hands are literally tied we can't do anything. So just be aware of that. And then damage claims I think is also something that I want to mention and we can talk about this when we get to a Q&A session in a little bit but very important to note any damages or defects.

Robert Fodor: you probably saying Robert sometimes these things get delivered. We don't do an install for three months or two months or a month or two weeks. How are we going to know within five days of receipt if something has been damaged or defect or is Good question. What you can do is on the proof of delivery form. You can just stipulate that delivery of these items is dependent on the items not having damage.

Robert Fodor: And you can just indicate that on the proof of delivery form so that once you do open these items and there is damage or a defect potentially you are covered. And so we have the ability to go back to the carrier or to the delivery agent and say hey they did notate this on the proof of delivery form. And that way we don't have to go directly to the vendor. So our process for managing damages and defects is that first of all, we handle all of that for you so you don't have to go to the vendor directly nor do you have to visit any of their showrooms?

Robert Fodor: We handle all of that for you. So you literally just shoot us an email you state what the issue is you provide photos of the item. It's also very important to provide packaging photos. That way they can determine whether or not it's actually a damage or a potential defect but we can get into this in a little bit. I just want to let people know that there is a way that you can accept something and still be within the guidelines of the five days of receipt. So you can stipulate on the proof of delivery that it's all dependent on the fact that these are going to be delivered damage free and defect free and that will cover you completely. All right. So we've gone through the shot page now. We can look at a couple of things that we've done new here. We do have a new stuff link here. We also have an stock link. So we have it here in the drop-down menu as well as in the top menu.

Robert Fodor: And then you also have a similar menu and submenu for our vendors. So what we've done is we put together some top vendors. these are typical vendors that people have been purchasing from our members have been purchasing from and then we also are starting a Artisan vendor list this kind of fits with our ethos as a company that we're not only trying to make sourcing easy and as simple as possible, but we're also trying to find you unique items.

Robert Fodor: Things that you can't just find on any of our competitors websites for that matter. So we've started to build this out a little bit that you'll see a couple in here. She's formally my beautiful custom Moroccan rugs of any size. they have a lead time but they are absolutely stunning. She showed at the ifcc show here in New York this past year and I just fell in love with her work rug and Colleen some of you may be familiar with them. They're actually a vintage rug dealer here in New York City as well.


Robert Fodor: Fernway woodworking these are a couple that we just added recently so I encourage everybody to just kind of have a look at some of these artists and vendors now the discount policy is a little different because these folks they're not wholesalers. Excuse me. So their discount structure is a little different. However, they do offer a discount for people in the trade. So have a look at them and we will be expanding this this might also be an area where we start expanding and if we start expanding to retailers we have been thinking and toying with that idea for a while to expand to retailers now who they will be. We don't know but this would likely be the area that they would be in as well because their discount structure would Definitely be different than a wholesaler as well. And then here's a link to all of our vendors so you can just go to one of the vendors here.

Robert Fodor: And then there's also similar to the sourcing concierge for product. There's also a sourcing concierge for vendors. So if you work with a particular vendor, let's say that is not in our vendor mix you can again just fill out this form and give a link to their website and say hey Robert or hey Renee any chance we can get this vendor on board or are you looking at this vendor? Whatever the case might be. We're always open to looking at new vendors and we will definitely coordinate with our vendor management team to see if it's somebody who might be a good fit for us.

Robert Fodor: The trade program this is just all of the information that you already know about us, the different types of plans that we have available why they are good why they might fit you Etc.

Robert Fodor: And then once I'm logged into the system, you'll see your name up here. So you see hello Robert rather than just the login button and you'll see a couple of different things here. You'll see one that says If we go into account first. This will show you all of your orders that you placed basically so it gives you an order summary and then you can click on the hyperlink of the order number to look at what the order details were and There's also a link here to go to your account. So if I wanted to go and upgrade my account or change the address on my account, I can do that by just clicking on the red button here.

Robert Fodor: And then I can also look at my dashboard and what my dashboard will show me will be all of my projects. So I can click on that link here.

Robert Fodor: Or I can also go up to the top menu here on the right and just click projects here and that will take you to your dashboard screen as well. So my recent projects that I have this will show you your foremost recent project. It's not going to show all of your projects. I only have two that I've created here. And then it will also show you all of the cards that you've created as part of your projects unless they've been deleted or archived and you have the ability to delete by just clicking on the little Trash Can icon here or you can go in to the project itself and archive it and we'll show you how to do that in one moment. But this will show you a listing of all the carts that you've created from which board and which project it was created from. Also who the recipient was? The date that it was sent.

Robert Fodor: As well as what is your client gonna be paying for that particular cart, and also what your profit is and we're gonna go through how to create that and also how to change that as well. A couple things also on this cart summary sheet. You'll see some great out icons here. As well as some bolded icons. so when you click on Or over the icon that's bolded. You'll see. this has been viewed by my client now. It's also been purchased by my client. And then also it has shipped. if that wasn't the case, it would just be grayed out and it would say not viewed. not purchased and not shipped

Robert Fodor: So this is a good way to kind of go in if I have way too many cards here and I'm not doing a good job at telling you guys how to organize your cells here by having these many carts here, but I need to go in and actually delete some that have not been viewed or won't be looked at. if you delete a cart because carts are associated with your boards. Basically that will not delete the board. It's just gonna delete that cart so you don't have to worry about your project going away. Nothing like that. It will just delete that cart that you created.


Robert Fodor: So I want to create a new project. Yes.

Allison Sloan Polish: the rapper sorry, this is Allison. I just turning fantastic question. Does your customer have to Buy directly I guess I wouldn't want my customer. Buying from you guys because I would need to manage all the tax implications and manage all that. So then checking directly out through your site is a concern for me.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, so you have one of two ways to actually purchase one is that you can just purchase directly with your full discount and check out yourself and then you can invoice the client offline or you can also share a cart share a portion of your discount and have the client pay directly through the Daniel House website. So you can do either now one thing that we are looking to do. And that'll be coming up. Very soon is we're going to be looking to customize the checkout experience. So when they get an email, it's not going to say Daniel House Club. It's actually going to say Allison your name or your business name?

Robert Fodor: and then down the line a little bit. We're actually going to make it almost like a white label where it can be completely customized with label your logo, customizing your invoices Etc so that it's basically just kind of powered by Daniel House Club, but it will have your name on it right now. It only has Daniel house club's name on it.

Allison Sloan Polish: Got it. Okay, but we couldn't do it we can just use it behind the scenes to do all the ordering like we would for another website or how we otherwise do ordering and then just invoice them separately.

Robert Fodor: Correct.

Allison Sloan Polish: So this would be for our viewing and…

Robert Fodor: The one thing I would caution everybody to with that scenario that you're talking about Allison is …

Allison Sloan Polish: not for theirs. Okay?

Robert Fodor: we do a commission payout based on what you're sharing with your client versus what you're not sharing with your client discount wise. So if you're utilizing your entire discount and not sharing it out with your client on the site. We don't know what that offline transaction is. So there's going to be no commission to pay out because you're ostensibly using your entire discount.

Robert Fodor: just know that and one of our members did bring this up as a potential issue because she pretty much does everything offline. She doesn't share any of her carts or anything with her clients. So we are looking to actually work that in a little bit so that if there is an offline transaction that you would still get a commission payout and so we're trying to kind of figure out how to do that because the only way right now that we can look at that is if it's a quote unquote online transaction with your client checking out completely. Does that make sense?

Maureen Gerrity: question Robert

Allison Sloan Polish: Yeah, I didn't quite understand that.

Robert Fodor: Okay.

Allison Sloan Polish: Yeah, I guess I'm not familiar with the commission stuff yet because I typically do share discounts with my clients.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Allison Sloan Polish: So I would be doing that but because I wanted to collect taxes and I would want more of the white glove experience and not necessary be they're going to be getting stuff from different places. And yeah, I wouldn't want them. I don't want to send them to a website to check out basically right now. Yeah.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, I completely get it and I think there's a lot of people that are in that boat as well. So

Maureen Gerrity: just do some clarity so The two ways to do it.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: You can send your client the link and in which case they check out Daniel house Cuts you a commission.

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Maureen Gerrity: The alternative is you buy the stuff yourself you mark it up and you sell it to your client outside Daniel house in which case you wouldn't be giving us the commission obviously, right because we're just marking it up and that's how we make our profit.

Robert Fodor: That's Yeah, so you can either make your profit by …

Maureen Gerrity: Got it.

Robert Fodor: doing it yourself or having Daniel house cut you into a certain amount of the profit, whatever the case might be. or…

Maureen Gerrity: right

Robert Fodor: you could ostensibly do both. if you work it correctly, so

Allison Sloan Polish: Because if we buy it through the website you if the customer buys it through the website you control what the customers are customers going to pay you decide…

Robert Fodor: Right, and…

Allison Sloan Polish: what they're going to pay.

Robert Fodor: we also automatically know how much you've paid for it as well as how much of your discount you've shared with the client. So whatever portion of your discount you don't plan.

Allison Sloan Polish: so you cut it back to us.


Robert Fodor: exactly Yep. Yep.

Allison Sloan Polish: I see so it really is the same either way. Okay.

Maureen Gerrity: What's more popular? what are your clients typically do Robert do your designers typically have the clients pay through the link or…

Robert Fodor: There's a couple of advantages and…

Maureen Gerrity: do they just buy it themselves?

Robert Fodor: I'm not trying to tell Daniel House Club here at all. I'm just trying to give you guys some options. There's a couple of advantages not only because some Junior and new interior designers are not as familiar or not as comfortable with a large fee. And so they want to make some money off of the product themselves for the project. And so it allows them a way to do it in a way that it's completely transparent to the client because the client knows that they're buying it at some sort of a discount but they don't know exactly how much so it allows them to kind of be a little bit more discreet about how much they're getting for their fee. But furthermore down the line once you're disengaged from a client.

Robert Fodor: That's where this I think comes in very very handy for people to be able to just check out through us because if they have a warranty issue that a year down the line when they've disengaged from you. They don't need to contact you at all. They can just contact Daniel house and we'll handle the claim for them. So because we have all their information we have the transaction we have everything so it just makes it a lot easier transaction post engagement To do that.

Maureen Gerrity: That's amazing.

Robert Fodor: Just be thinking about those things as you move forward. That's all.

Robert Fodor: Any other questions around that? So I'm creating a new project if we click on a new project. We literally can just put Put in the project name now here at the project level. I can just put in whatever I want to as far as how much of a discount I'm gonna share with the client. If this is not of an issue with an Allison's case, then you can just literally put zero here because you're not going to be sharing this with a client. Anyway, you do have the ability to change this at any time as well. So it's not set in stone. It's not static. So let's just say I'm going to share of my 50% discount which would then give me 25% profit and 25% discounts to my client. You do not have to put in a project budget unless you want to so I'm just gonna put in that you don't have to put an ffnm budget either you can if you want.

Robert Fodor: We like to know the install month and year because if you ever come to the concierge and ask us for maybe a replacement item or an alternative item, we know exactly what to look for when we're searching for you relative to your install date on lead times. So if you can be as accurate as possible with the install, that would be very Helpful, and then also the site address, pretty basic information. You just create project. and then this just gives you all the information that we just input also, it'll give you the project creation date here, And the reason I mention that is important is because the first time you create your very first project in Daniel house, there is a 30-day clock that starts immediately for you to get free standard shipping on all of your orders placed within the first 30 days.

Robert Fodor: So just note that if For whatever reason you didn't see that or you didn't notate that in the information that we sent to Just shoot Renee email and say hey Robert. I didn't realize this and I just had some projects that I created just willy-nilly can. I still take advantage of a 30 days of free shipping. That's not one. Yep.

Maureen Gerrity: I have a question mark. So I just place an order for some furniture like a personal order and…

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Maureen Gerrity: when I went to check out, there's the four options for how you want to actually physically obtain the merchandise and…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: the first one was a drop ship and I opted for that and I'm just gonna have it dropped up my receivers warehouse, but I think I got confused and maybe you just answered this question, but it said it was zero dollars for that option. But then in the description it said this is gonna run 15% of the total of your purchase, but I wasn't charged 15% So is that because for the first 30 days it's free. But otherwise after 30 days the Dropship is 15%

Robert Fodor: That's correct. one other thing I might ask you real quick,…

Maureen Gerrity: okay.

Robert Fodor: were you buying lighting during our lightings? Okay, because all the lighting just recently was on sale and…

Maureen Gerrity: No. No.


Robert Fodor: had free shipping. So that's why I was just wondering about that because that would explain that scenario. Yes.

Maureen Gerrity: But after some days then when you do the drop ship to your receivers Warehouse, it is 15% of the total.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, always fifteen percent flat rate based on the cart value not on the MSRP but on your cart value, so that's a really important thing to note…

Maureen Gerrity: right

Robert Fodor: because if you're purchasing more than 5,000 in Furniture, you will want to be at the Pro Plus level rather than Pro or even free. Because the more you have a discount the more you're also going to save on shipping. Does that make sense?

Maureen Gerrity: Can you speak to that a little bit about the different is you get a better discount on shipping…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: if you're a pro plus member.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, because what you pay in shipping is based on what your cart value is based on your discount you have the more you save on shipping basically. Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: I see.

Erin: I have a question on that what if we're giving the cart to our client would…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Erin: then the 15% still be?

Robert Fodor: It was not from the MSRP. It's always gonna be from the amount that you shared with them. So if you only shared, 50% of your discount, they're going to pay the shipping on whatever that discounted prices whatever you've decided to share with them.

Erin: So if we don't share anything with them,…

Robert Fodor: And MSRP.

Erin: then it would…

Erin: what they're being right? Okay.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, then it would be MSRP or…

Robert Fodor: map depending on which is there yeah. Yeah.

Robert Fodor: All Okay, so I can go in and I can click on the edit project details and change any of those details that I just created and then we also spoke a little bit about archiving projects. So once I click into the project, I can just click here and say I want to go ahead and archive this project now I can click on that. I can also create a new board. So within the project this is just look at the project to sort of an umbrella and then you have multiple boards based on it could be based on room. It could be based on type of furniture. It really is. However, you want to organize your boards. So the boards you can just click on the create new board link here or click on new board up here on the top, right? And I'm going to name the board. Let's just say primary bedroom.

Robert Fodor: this is important because you can change your discount based on the board. It doesn't have to be the same discount just because you applied that discount to the main project. So if you're spending a little more time, for example on a living room or an outdoor space you can actually change the board discount. However, you see fit and because we're creating carts. from boards that's important because you can actually change your discount. However, you see fit or just use it the same and use a flat discount either way, but you do have the ability to change the discount at either the project or the board level. So I'm going to create the board now for the primary bedroom. That is under that project that I just created. and then I can either click on get started link here or I can just go directly to my shopping menu and I'm gonna go look at

Robert Fodor: ceiling pendant lights and the first one here, which is the Asbury Park.

Robert Fodor: I want to go ahead and add this create to that project that I just created into that board. So rather than add to cart which literally just will add it to the cart here up on the top right? I'm going to click on save to project. And then I'm going to select the board that I just created. And then you can see it's been added now. So if I wanted to I can go back here. click on view project And it takes me right back to my project screen and then I can also look at the board that I just created and it has a little thumbnail there of the first item that I put into the board.

Robert Fodor: Sure.

Erin: I have a question. So when we're making different boards and you were saying you can give a discount per board, I know not all of the vendors offer the same discount,…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Erin: So if we're on the Pro Plus and we're getting 50% but then I think it's four hands maybe a couple others. Don't go up to 50% Then I'm just making sure I'm understanding if we're giving them. Let's say 25% then on that particular item we would be making 10% but


Robert Fodor: So a couple of things relative to forehands in particular because they're probably the largest vendor that we have that doesn't participate in our full 40 and 50% discount. The largest discount you can get with forehands as a pro plus member which is our top tier membership level is 35% However, we also subsidize all shipping for all four hands items at all times in perpetuity. So that's already a savings a 15% right there. So that makes up for the 50% just as a difference. So you do have ostensibly a 50% discount. It's just in the shipping and also in the item itself. That is only for four hands. all of our other vendors are participating in our full membership here. So you really don't have to worry about that.

Robert Fodor: Unless you're doing a lot of ordering with forehands. And in that circumstance. What I would probably do is if you're doing projects and you're ordering from forehands regularly just create a forehand's board under the project and that way you are guaranteed to know what your profit margin is going to be on those particular products and you're also going to get free standard shipping regardless on all of those items when you check out or if you share it with your client. Does that make sense?

Erin: Yep, it has.

Robert Fodor: Okay, cool.

Erin: Thank you very much.

Renee Wyatt: Hey Robert, another question in the chat.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Renee Wyatt: Are we able to create a collection of items project for a client and share it with one link via an email with them?

Robert Fodor: It does You can share it. there is no clickability or anything else. It's literally just a view functionality and what you would do for that is click on the share button here. And then type in their email address and then it would automatically be sent or you could click the copy link button here and then you can also indicate whether or not you want to show the discount prices or not.

Robert Fodor: And it will remind you here. Also what your current discount is and what you're going to be sharing that so all they're gonna be able to do is just look at it almost like an invoice if you will are a pro forma before they're allowed to do anything. They only be allowed to do something if you actually create a cart from this menu and I was just gonna go through this and click on Bill to client or if you're just going to check out just do Bill to me directly, but you do have the ability to share it out as just a view function as well.

Robert Fodor: So if we're gonna want to make it more interactive and share this board out as a cart to our client, then we would just build to client. We would input their email address here. This still allows you the ability to change your discount. So there's three different areas where you can change your discount one is when you create the project or you can go back in and edit those details for the project or at the board level or when you've already created your cart from that board. And you say I spent a lot more time on this so I'm gonna give them less of a discount and you can make any changes that you want to there here before you create the cart. You also have the ability to have them remove products or not. So by clicking or unclicking this you will allow your client to remove products before completely checking out or not. You can also lock it down if you want to.

Robert Fodor: And then you would click on select shipping. We obviously ship within the US and Canada. And then it's going to show expedited curbside room of choice with packaging removal and white glove. What are the differences definitely recommend curbside if you're in a home where where you're gonna be doing an install you have help available or your clients can easily take these items in themselves in a city environment? This is not recommended at all. They will just bring it to the threshold and that's it. Expedited curbside the same thing. However, these options are easily usable for small items anything that shipped via UPS FedEx Etc.

Robert Fodor: Room of choice with packaging removal. This gives you the option where the delivery company will actually schedule a delivery time with you. Now they do that for standard delivery as well for larger items. But they will schedule the delivery time with you. They will bring the item into the room that you select even if it's upstairs or in an elevator or whatever. And then they will also place it to where you want to have it placed and then remove all the packaging from it. They will not do any assembly as part of room of choice with packaging removal that is reserved for White Glove, which is a full service delivery.


Robert Fodor: So they do everything from inspecting the pieces to removing all of the packaging materials. They also do assembly work with white glove. The only thing that they will not do is they will not do installation and what I mean by that is let's say you have book shelving and it somehow fixes to the wall. They're not going to affix it to the wall. They're going to assemble the bookcase and then leave it and they don't do an actual installation. That make sense.

Robert Fodor: All right. Then we would just click on preview cart.

Robert Fodor: And I still have the option to go back and edit anything that I want to so I wanted to remove something. I forgot to put something in I can go ahead and do that. If I know that all this is correct, then I can just click And then it'll say success your cart has been sent. So what is your client get at that point? when you enter their email address they will get an email that says an account has been created for you. This is important because they don't need to create an account on Daniel House Club at all period ones already been created for them when you share this out with them. That's if they're going to be checking out through our website. So what they will get an email that says this this is the email that we are currently working on to make it a more tailored experience for all of our members So eventually this will have your name on it.

Robert Fodor: And a little farther down the road. It will even be tailored to your logo and your liking as far as branding and things like that currently. It just has Daniel house name. So just familiarize your client to know that if they get something from Daniel House Club, It is not from anybody else. So they get this email And then the second email that they get once it's been shared is they'll say a cart has been shared with you and it says your designer has shared a cart. That's the email that they get and they can easily just click on the view your cart and then it takes them right to the cart. So it's very very easy and efficient. Any questions about that?

Erin: I have a question. Are we able to share multiple boards at one time rather than them having? if we do it by room and there's five rooms, they would have to check out five separate times. Is there a way to Bunch those together and…

Robert Fodor: That is forthcoming current currently.

Erin: send them at once?

Erin: Okay.

Robert Fodor: It's by individual board. And I know that's not optimal. But yes, that will be forthcoming because we do have more and more clients who are doing full homes that it just doesn't make any sense to have it individual boards to check out with it did for smaller projects, but we know that that's not always optimal so that will be forthcoming I would imagine probably first or second quarter of this coming year.

Robert Fodor: Sure, no problem. So again a little bit of a difference between creating cart and sharing it with your client to purchase versus sharing the information from the board. So the sharing is literally just going to show them a view of what's on the board itself. So if you're not physically present with them, this is a really good way to share information virtually with them, but they just won't have the ability to check out or do anything there. One of the other things that we are toying with doing is instead of sending a cart.

Robert Fodor: Because we have heard from a couple of our members that the insinuation of a cart is that decisions have already been made for them for our client and they're ready to go that is not necessarily what the intent of the cart is because they do have the ability to edit or make changes as they see fit. So to kind of change that perception one of the things that we've toyed around an idea with is creating almost like a quotation that gets sent out to your client and it would say quote so kind of would like

Maureen Gerrity: Look like that would be amazing.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, I was just gonna say I would love to hear from all of you. If you feel that that is something that would be beneficial and it sounds to me like it would be. Okay.

Maureen Gerrity: For sure.

Robert Fodor: And this is something that when we did the creation of a cart. I know this word is bad at around a lot. But we kind of are disrupting the process by which a typical engagement happens with an interior designer and a client in the sense that typically there is a quotation that goes out and then the client has the ability to kind of collaborate and say Yes, I don't want this. Rather than receiving a cart where it's just kind of like, this is what we've done. But yet you still do have the ability to edit here, but I think it's again just a perception issue. So it's a different way to make I think interior designers think and also a different way to make clients think but I think to make it a little easier that might be something that we're looking to initiate soon. So


Renee Wyatt: We got a few votes in the chat and they prefer quote or estimate.

Robert Fodor: That's Okay good. So that is really it now if I wanted to delete this board, let's say we're not going to be working on the primary bedroom. I can just click on delete board. It does give you the prompt are you sure you want to do that. I just click OK and then this board has been deleted as you can see. There's no boards for this particular project now. So I do have the ability to then archive this project. Or you can delete it all together if you want to but I recommend archiving it doesn't. Hurt you to Archive projects. You still have access to them. So if a client decides to engage with you, you can just click on the archive button here and it takes you right back to all of your archive projects.

Robert Fodor: All right, we have seven minutes that is about it. As far as I wanted to go over a relative to functionality on the website. I would like to open it now to any questions that anybody might have so feel free either to put questions in the chat or just feel free to unmute yourself and ask away.

Maureen Gerrity: I have something like

Allison Sloan Polish: request

Robert Fodor: Absolutely, I think Maureen you beat Allison by a couple seconds.

Maureen Gerrity: Sorry Allison, I'm sorry.

Allison Sloan Polish: Go ahead Maureen.

Allison Sloan Polish: No go for it.

Maureen Gerrity: So this is not really a question as much as it is a suggestion.

Maureen Gerrity: So we're a boutique design firm, but there are 11 of us on this team and we use a lot of different softwares like a lot we use my Domo we use design files. Now, we're gonna be using Daniel house and one of the things when we found Daniel house that I was kind of hoping for would be the capability to get rid of design files because we pay 400 bucks a month or something crazy because of all the different accounts we have on design vials. So what I would love to see and maybe this is ambitious, but if there was a possibility maybe it's in the way future but creating

Maureen Gerrity: And actual design board like a presentation tool via Daniel house…

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: because I love to spec everything through Daniel house. Just put it on a board have the background removing tool make it pretty and then present that to our clients. So I don't have to pay for two different softwares. That would just be amazing. just the thought.

Robert Fodor: Absolutely. we've actually spoken with design files to talk about a potential integration. We also are speaking with my Doma as well. and…

Maureen Gerrity: awesome

Robert Fodor: we haven't reached out to canva. I don't know how many people are using canvas still but we'll see about that. Yes, we are looking to upgrade the sort of presentation aspect of our boards and our projects to make it look a lot better and also. Potentially to have a rendering tool as well. So you can actually dump it into a setting and have it be visually beautiful as well as just looking at it at sort of a cart or a sort of quotation or an estimate level. That will be forthcoming probably. I would say second or third quarter of this year.

Renee Wyatt: Robert should I put that we had that link for the Clipper tool.

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Renee Wyatt: Should I put that in the chat?

Robert Fodor: Yes, I will note. Yeah, thank you for reminding me about that Renee. So there we do have you can clip items from Daniel house and use it Within design files, so that makes it a little bit easier. There's a Clipper tool that you can use which easily allows you to clip things and put it into design files from Daniel house.

Robert Fodor: So Renee, just put the link in there if you want to copy it feel free and then start using that.

Robert Fodor: Hi, Allison. Yeah.

Allison Sloan Polish: Hi, sorry, my question was product samples. Do you recommend that we work with you to get samples of fabric or things or go directly to the vendor if we're trying to get a sample? of fabric

Robert Fodor: So one of the weekends one of the reasons…

Allison Sloan Polish: Yeah.


Robert Fodor: why you remember is that you go through us for everything. So we will coordinate all that for you.

Allison Sloan Polish: Okay.

Robert Fodor: Some vendors do have limitations. I've had a couple of designers that have come to us and said I need a hundred and twenty samples. I don't think that's gonna fly with the vendors. Some of them have limits of 10 20 or so some of them don't but some of them do and if they do we will let you know immediately.

Maureen Gerrity: So that's us we legitimately asked for 120 rug samples, which I know sounds crazy but there are 11 of us on the team and we all have our own gifts that we like to bring to our clients' houses.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: And so I would really love all the designers to have 10 or so of their favorite most loved rugs. And so maybe there's a way we can pay for them.

Robert Fodor: Sure.

Maureen Gerrity: I'm happy to do that. But I definitely want the ability to have the ones that we know we're going to use over and over again, even if it's that many.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, and like I said not all vendors have those stipulations. So, we will go into the vendor and say hey this client wants a hundred and twenty samples and if they don't have any problem with that, then we don't have any problem coordinating that so You…

Maureen Gerrity: awesome

Robert Fodor: I didn't realize that was you Maureen. That's so funny. But yeah, no.

Renee Wyatt: Which we are still working on Maureen. They've all been sent to the vendors as we're waiting on confirmation.

Maureen Gerrity: Thank I also like not to be a royal pain in your butt. I do hope that it will be fruitful for it'll be mutually beneficial but that's just rugs. We need sofa samples.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: We need accent chairs if possible. We are a large team and…

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Maureen Gerrity: and I do want that ability. And like I said, I'm totally happy to pay for it, but I got to figure out a way to get them.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, yeah. I know and we're all In the process right now of kind of revamping our whole sample and Sample finish and Swatch not only the functionality but also how designers come to us about that. So we want to make it a little bit easier. So when you're on the product page or on a vendor page you can just say, I want swatches for all of these items or this particular item rather than having to email us and say hey and I know Maureen you guys were so great you put it in one project board, which was wonderful and that was very easy for us to be able to access but we don't want you to have to go through that level of curation when you're just looking for, a Swatch or a sample multiple swatches and samples. So Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: My other thought Robert and maybe this is taboo. I don't know but like I said, I would really like to open our cute little Boutique Studio once in a while to our following and do these design consultations in Studio sessions. We might call them and in which case that would be an opportunity for us to sell products.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Robert Fodor: Absolutely. Yeah.

Maureen Gerrity: And so that's the other reason I would love to have all these samples on hand. So we have somebody that comes in they only pay for two hours of design time and a studio session. Yeah, we didn't make that much money on the design fee, but we sold them a whole room full Furniture because we have the samples in hand.

Robert Fodor: exactly. Yeah, and so one of the things we're looking at doing is for our top vendors, having the most popular Fabrics that people use and having those in a box that we can send out to our members. So these are all things that we're thinking about down the line. We don't want to limit you to that of course, but if you're looking for suggestions or if you're looking for things in certain Trends and things like that that come from Market, either spring or fall. Those are the kind of things that we're looking to do as far as a level of curation with swatches and Sample finishes. So we'll see how that goes and we'll definitely keep you all informed through our monthly bulletin and also over emails as well. But yeah, definitely looking to up the game on samples and swatches.

Renee Wyatt: We have a question for tax Robert if a client purchases their items directly from Daniel House Club. Is there any sales tax charge for the purchase since you're based in Oregon? Can you clarify?

Robert Fodor: Yeah, absolutely. So we currently do not charge sales tax on our website. The reason for that. Is that We are located in where headquartered in Portland, Oregon. I'm myself and Renee are actually on the East Coast but we're headquartered in Portland, Oregon which does not have a state sales tax. However this coming year in 2024. We will have tax Nexus in other states where we actually sell product to people in those circumstances. We will have to start charging sales tax. And in those circumstances, you will have the ability to provide us with either your tax exemption certificate or a resale certificate and then also have the ability to turn on or turn off whether or not you want to charge sales tax for a particular transaction.


Robert Fodor: So that will be forthcoming I would imagine it will be. Those tax Nexus and the other states that we have will probably be hitting in the first quarter for sure, but we will give everybody ample notice when that change happens and it will be instantaneous on the website so you won't have to do anything manually.

Robert Fodor: Okay.

Robert Fodor: anything else

Maureen Gerrity: Yes, my last question is you said that this is a reoccurring meeting on the last Thursday of every month. Is it also at the same time? I would imagine every last Thursday.

Robert Fodor: absolutely noon Eastern 9:00 am Pacific and all times in between for all different time zones. and actually the same login as well. So we always have the same login and same time everything. Also, I just want to clarify for everybody. this is not the only means by which you can reach us this open Forum. If you feel that a one-on-one with us would be better with our concierge team. Just email us and we're happy to set up one-on-one meetings with you by video by phone. Whatever makes sense for your particular needs and we're happy to get those scheduled on our calendar. So just let us know.

Robert Fodor: Okay with that. We are at an hour. It's 103. I want to be very mindful of everyone's time and I think everyone for participating and also for attending if you are a first-time attendee of our training you're also going to get $100 gift card from all of us today. So we will be processing that by the end of this week. I would imagine or maybe the beginning of next and that will be coming to you electronically to the email address on file on your account. So, thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you in the club. Take care.

Renee Wyatt: Bye everyone. Happy New Year.

Robert Fodor: Yes happy.

Caroline Milo: Thank you so…

Allison Sloan Polish: Thank you.

Caroline Milo: Happy New Year.

Robert Fodor: All right.

Robert Fodor: Take care.

Meeting ended after 01:17:49 👋


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