To work with each new vendor, I have to fill out all of the forms, convince them I’m a legitimate trade member, and go through a huge hassle. I always think, there’s got to be a better way. Daniel House has streamlined the supply chain and that is really needed in this industry. I was actually excited to make my last purchase because it was minutes between thinking of what I wanted and finding a price!
- Katie F, Naples, FL

Your Partner in Design

Your one-stop shop to purchase quality furniture with the best trade discount in the industry.

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25% Trade Discount 35% Trade Discount 40% Trade Discount
Pay 10% for Shipping Pay 5% for Shipping Free Shipping
Earn Points on Purchases Earn Points on Purchases Earn Points on Purchases
Concierge Support Concierge Support Concierge Support
Extra 10% on 1st Purchase Extra 10% on 1st Purchase Extra 10% on 1st Purchase
Free $29/Month
$19/Month, Paid Annually
$89/Month, Paid Annually

Daniel House Club

Trade Pricing

25% - 40% off retail

10 - 25% off retail

25 - 35% off retail


No minimums on opening orders or reorders and no tiered pricing

Often $10 - $20k annual spend required to access the best pricing levels

$5k - $50k opening orders, plus minimum reorders


Free with Pro+, just 10% with the free tier

Up to 20% of your order

Up to 20% of your order, often billed later


60+ brands, including brands not easily accessible online

15 - 25 commonly available brands

1 Brand

Customer Service

Daniel House Concierge provides excellent service and responds to all inquiries within 1 business day

Often unhelpful service with wide ranging response times

Varies wildly based on your rep

Accounts to Manage

One account, one password, 60+ brands

Too many accounts and passwords to remember

Managing 30 - 40 individual relationships

Target Customer

Trade Members

Consumers, the trade is an afterthought

Retailers first, then designers

Product Description

Focused on the information a designer needs

Focused on selling to the end consumer

Sparse and to the point

Competing Services

We are built to support you, not to compete with you

Offers their own design services directly to clients

They don't compete with you, but they also don't compete for you


Built by designers, for designers

Built as an add-on to a consumer-focused business

Experts at making furniture, not selling furniture & supporting designer needs

Loyalty Rewards




Sign-Up Credit

Additonal 10% off first order, $250 referral bonus

Usually nothing

Usually only "Show Incentives"

Bulat Floor Lamp
Cabatti Linen Sheets
From $400.00

Success with The Daniel House Club

Peter had a great client. They had a huge budget, but they wanted it simple and now (read Restoration Hardware). The Daniel House Club let Peter quickly present them RH alternatives that were purchase-able on the spot.

Using his Club account he was able to avoid a $0 dollar profit situation. In fact, instead of $0, he made $7,500 while still matching the RH $25% discount and not running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Quit Spending up to 80 Hours per Project on Sourcing and Frustrating Logistics Management

How does DH Club work?

1. Apply for a Club Membership (don't worry, we'll give you your first month free and if you don’t like it, canceling is easy)

2. Access and choose from more than 40+ brands and if you don't find what you are looking for, use our "Ask Daniel" concierge service and we can find it for you.

3. Start building a cart for your clients and save 35% at checkout on all your purchases.

4. Choose from a variety of shipping options to best meet your needs, including having Daniel House manage the storage and final delivery.

5. Daniel House will communicate proactively about your order status and support you throughout the process

When you sign up for The Club, you'll also receive:

Loyalty Rewards on Every Purchase

$250 Credit for Every Referral

Access to The Daniel House Concierge, who will add new vendors and products at your request

Join Now and Get Your First Month Free and an Additional 10% Off Your First Order

Easy Cancellation If We Don’t Meet Your Needs