Red Egg

Red egg’s mission is to sustainably craft heirloom pieces that bring you joy.

Our Story

Carol here (aka Chief Hen). I started red egg as a way to share a cultural and design aesthetic that personally excites me. As a textile designer, I began collecting and wearing vintage Japanese kimono in college. I fell in love with the patterns and the aesthetic and couldn’t wait to spend time in Asia. In 1997, I found myself in China exploring antique furniture warehouses and had the idea to bring this furniture to the USA to sell. That’s how red egg was hatched! I wasn’t thinking about what’s on trend or what would sell. Honestly, I was just thinking about how beautiful and special these pieces were and how excited I was to share them. If other people liked them and bought them, I could get myself back to Asia to explore and buy more! ⁠The antiques business evolved. Retailers discovered me and wanted more of the pieces I found. I began buying more common vintage pieces and painting them in bright lacquer colors. red egg’s signature style, Asian inspired furniture with a twist, became clear. Fresh, fun, quirky. ⁠