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What is designer Pricing?

How much will I pay for shipping?

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Q: What is designer pricing?

A. Designers who become members of The Daniel House Club receive a 30% - 50% discount off every brand and every product we sell. There are no minimum opening orders, annual minimums, or reorder minimums. Trade members also receive a discount on shipping, which increases with each tier.

Q: How much will I pay for shipping?

A. Our standard shipping in the US is always 15% of your purchase price. We also have a range of other shipping options including white glove, available at checkout. See a detailed breakdown of shipping options here.

Q: What about shipping issues?

A. As you know, shipping furniture is challenging! Occasionally, items arrive damaged and we know this is super frustrating. We work hard to ensure we use experienced carriers and vendors that know how to ship furniture, but things can still go wrong from time to time. Watch our short video on this topic.

At Daniel House Club, we're committed to help resolve issues if they arise. In order to ensure the best chance of a great resolution, please make sure do to the following upon receiving your shipment:
  • Take pictures of the packaging before unboxing the item(s). This helps us determine whether to file a claim with the vendor or the carrier.
  • Unbox your item(s) immediately and take photos of the item(s). We know this is a pain if you're installing in the future, but vendors often require photos within 3 days of receipt to accept a claim.
  • Mark the POD (Proof of Delivery) with any damages or issues and ensure the driver signs it and that you keep a copy (you can take a picture of this as well). Many vendors deny claims without a properly notated POD.
  • If the wrong or damaged item arrives, we recommend that you not refuse the shipment. We can actually get issues resolved more quickly when you're still in possession of the item(s) than when items have been refused. Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you! You don't have to worry about accepting the shipment, as long as the POD is marked and you've taken the proper photos.
  • If there is an issue with a damaged or incorrect shipment, let us know as soon as possible. You can send us an email at Including photos of the unopened packaging, the item(s) after being unpackaged (wide shots and details of the damage), and the POD will help us resolve issues quickly.

Q: Why does Daniel House Club recommend using a receiver?

A. We've written a whole post about it you can see here.

The short answer is that they will make your life much easier. Utilizing a receiver will allow you to store items in a warehouse before they're installed. This saves your client questioning each piece one at a time. It keeps items from being damaged at an active job site. And, if something does arrive damaged it will be inspected right away. This way we can help you resolve the issue before your client ever sees it. Best of all, receivers usually actually lower the overall cost to a client because you'll be able to bill far fewer tedious hours related to receiving packages.

Here is a list of selected receivers across the country, hopefully there is one near you!

Q: How do Projects work?

A. We built a tool to streamline your sourcing process. You can access your Projects anytime through the top right "Projects & Accounts" tab. With it you can organize your projects and send carts to your clients where they can complete the checkout. Want to learn more about all features, watch some quick videos here here.

Q: What vendors do you carry?

A. We have hundreds of vendors available. We're adding new vendors and products all the time. For an up to date view of our vendors check out the Our Vendors section of the menu. If you want a vendors we don't carry you can request it here.

Q: How does the concierge work?

A. The concierge can help with all your sourcing and logistics needs. We know that sourcing for a project can take hours, often times unbillable hours. If you have an item in mind, or need alternative for a client you can use the concierge to speed up the process.

As a bonus, the concierge can find you products that are not yet available on our site! If you find something from another vendor and want to add it to your DHC order use this form to see if we can list it quickly.

Q: How does your affiliate program work?

A. The Daniel House Club has a very rewarding affiliate program! You can earn $50 for every designer member who join's Daniel House Club + 2.5% on all their purchases.

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Q: Who is Daniel House?

A. Well, there is a secret here, Daniel House isn't anyone. Well, not anyone affiliated with The Daniel House Club. The name was chosen in honor of the father of our founders. His name was Daniel. House is just a reference to our industry. Put them together and you get Daniel House.