AI For Interior Designers

AI For Interior Designers


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Robert Fodor: Working this session with Jenna and it will be available on our website. So it will probably be up I would say in the next week or so. We will probably send out an email to the effect when it's up and ready, but I know I got a lot of emails from a lot of members saying they weren't able to join so we wanted to be able to record this and also have access to it. Jenna are you on the call?

Jenna Gaidusek: Hey, how's it going? And

Robert Fodor: how are you? So I just want to introduce Jenna somebody who I met into your design Society. She gave a wonderful presentation on AI that I felt was extremely informative and we really felt after talking with Peter coordinates all of our education reach to our members. We really felt like this would be something that would be informative to all of you and also just a very curtainment topic that's very now and current and I think the beauty of Jenna offers is that she talked about sort of the ethics behind it because I think that's a big component to all of this with all of us as designers and also gives you practical lessons on how to your benefit to increase productivity.

Robert Fodor: And to really make it work to your advantage. and I think Jenna may have a nice little offer for some of our members at the end of her presentation. So do hang on we are running a little late and I apologize for that Jenna…

Jenna Gaidusek: right

Robert Fodor: but I go ahead and I'm gonna go ahead and cart this over to you Peter. Did you want to say a few words or

Peter Spalding: all I wanted to say is that Robert knows and anybody in our office and I can barely use a computer so I can extremely excited after talking to Jenna. I felt like AI was even possible for me to comprehend. So I'm excited by how many of you have missed today and really just delighted to learn.

Robert Fodor: So yeah, Jenna you want to go ahead and take it away. Feel free.

Jenna Gaidusek: I'm going to start presenting here. let me just find the right screen. There we go. alright

Jenna Gaidusek: Okay, leave them where I should be. So first of all,…

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Jenna Gaidusek: thank you guys for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I am new to Daniel House Club and we'll be very excited about that. I'm gonna be talking about the essentials into your designers today. So if you're brand new to AI we're going to get started at the very beginning, So let's get going here the objective of what I'm gonna be talking about just a foundational understanding AI changes every single day and it's getting stronger faster and more efficient for interior designers, but we got to start somewhere right? So that's what we're going to be talking about today.

Jenna Gaidusek: A little background on who I am. I formally found a community called eosine tribe on Facebook group, which kind of spiraled into an online school for interior designers called eat design you and that was actually acquired by my Doma Studio about two years ago now so now I teach rendering with my Domo studio and I recently founded AI for interior, which is just practical use case scenarios for everything from marketing to creating those visuals that you're seeing everywhere, but all the other nitty gritty and all the things that you can do with AI to elevate your business.

Jenna Gaidusek: Alright, so what we're going to go over today is first of all the ethics so while West out there, but I'm gonna do my best to just kind of show you where I draw My Line in the Sand when it comes to Ai and hopefully you'll consider doing the same key AI programs that are impacting into your design right now. So just the top there's so many but I'm just going to go over the main ones today. What even is open Ai and what does that mean? How AI is reshaping your Process so just to give you some starting point ideas as to how you can use it visual AI comparison so mid journey in Dolly. Those are the two big ones. I'll get into that in a minute and what can you actually create with them? I'm going to show you some examples then I'll take some questions at the end and I've got some goodies for you to share too. Okay? Let's get started.

Jenna Gaidusek: Alright, ethical considerations got to talk about it something that we always need to be doing as professional designers or just people using AI in general is always disclose. That is AI it can be very misleading when you're sharing these incredible images that look so lifelike online and social media as to what the caliber of skill set is potential with your design business. So we always want to make sure that we are sourcing that it was AI generated, you can say that you did it with AI but we always need to make sure that we have that disclaimer on social media posts on our website in terms and conditions. I even put it on any image that is not my own work on my website, which is very few, but I put it on there.


Jenna Gaidusek: I don't so you do technically have the capability to run on inspirational images Dolly through mid Journey, but where I draw the line in the sand, I never take another designer's work in their image and run it through and say redesign this. I just ethically think that that is very wrong and it's just something that I won't do. So, what I do is I will either create a prompt use that image and then, put that image through and kind of say let's rework this or I'll use my own renders. So I render in them. I don't want to visualizer on or wherever you're rendering. I put those through or concept for so I've created myself or my own images and my clients empty space. Those are images that I own right. So I created them or on the starting point for my project.

Jenna Gaidusek: The next thing is if you're doing anything with print on demand or making artwork, which is a possibility. Here's a few examples of that. Here's a pillow that I created with AI got a few collections. I've designed them for my clients, but I always try and pop 'em in to photoshop and I mess with the colors I mess with the patterns and I really make 'em my own so that they are unique and individual pieces of work not just done by Ai and their Originals.

Jenna Gaidusek: So that's just starting points, We're just getting started but just a few things, that I wanted to cover. I'm just always as close as number one for that.

Jenna Gaidusek: So A few key opportunities for designers to use AI right now on it's going to help you to produce more content which again will help you fill that pipeline right for new clients. So produce more content and faster content creation time that content might include things like blogging which is great for your search engine optimization. So SEO repurpose content across social media platforms. So if I do a video I can actually just pop it into a few of my different programs and it'll create written format. It'll create transcripts it'll short form that a longer video and chop it up to things that are trending there's programs for that. I do have a list. I'm going to give you guys of my 15 programs that I use that include AI but there's so many different ways to repurpose and reuse content using AI

Jenna Gaidusek: you can brainstorm ideas. So just get ideas 'cause as to what you could even create content about in the first place 'cause I know some of us will and I do this myself will sit down on the computer. We're like, got to post something today. my What am I going to post it? I mean, so it's great for just getting those creative juices flowing and then elaborating on that by using your brain. and then you can also Create a number of lead magnets for interior designers currently right now 'cause I just haven't had time to create more for my personal design business, but I created three in the past month and a half just because it is so easy to create and it has grown my email list ten folds, just having those lead generators and then putting them on social media.

Jenna Gaidusek: Email automation. I don't know about you. I'm a creative writing emails is not my favorite thing same with blogging. so we can actually create fold me nurture sequence funnels that once they're on your email list. You can have ai assist you in writing out everything that kind of comes next you get them cold and then you warm 'em up and then they become your clients. So there's help there with chat GPT to create these funnels same thing with project automation funnel. So your clients funnels, just like here we are in this We are in this process just kind of writing those emails and getting the framework so you can change things out as you go.

Jenna Gaidusek: Visual Graphics, of course. So using those programs like Dolly and mid Journey there's others out there too. But those are the top right now and then you can post social media always disclosing blog post and of course for your client collaboration when you're going through that design conceptual phase and you just need some inspiration and some images to assistant roles, I actually have a virtual assistant through chat GPT, and I've created that it is a design assistant that helps me with a lot of different things so you can create little Bots that can help you with that type of stuff.


Jenna Gaidusek: Legal and accounting advice. Obviously, you're gonna hire Pro right but it's a good place to get started. So I use this example. My sister is now a lawyer and so I will write up contracts and I'll write up in terms and conditions and stuff and then I'll send 'em to her and be like, can you just look this over for me? So luckily that I'll stay in the family 'cause it gets kind of expensive but it is a great starting point to be able to have these outlines.

Jenna Gaidusek: Alright, the major AI programs that are impacting interior design right now. Alright, and like I said, there's so many out there but a lot of them will derive from open Ai and I'll get into that in a minute what that means. So openai is basically the parent company of chat GPT and Dolly and then we also have other programs like mid journey canva in Photoshop. I'm just going to put my dog away. Hold on. Let's my cousins taken 'em out. He's right outside my door. I apologize. Second I start talking. Alright, so what is openai? And what does it mean?

Jenna Gaidusek: So open AI is the company that specializes in developing meaning artificial intelligence. Right? So it's a computer system that can learn make decisions problem solve and almost like a human brain. But we know that it's not when you really get down to it, but it's all done through basically algorithms and computer coding and then from there open AI creates things that are generative in human language so you can chat with it. it's a person kind of that's how open AI chat GPT and Dolly work. They're chat based options where you don't necessarily have to do a formal prompt as you would with mid journey and some other programs out there. You just kind of talk to it like a friend and I always use the example my seven year olds. Does it herself? There's an app for chat GPT and Dolly and it's the same program that you would get on your computer, but the app has a voice voice.

Jenna Gaidusek: Options so she can't spell everything at she's seven. So she will use that voice feature in the app and create images. She'll get ideas for stuff. I've got so many puppies and kitties from her going through my chat GPT, but that's how easy it is that honestly a seven year olds is proficient in the program already.

Jenna Gaidusek: The part of open AI basically suggests their commitment to sharing their research and their technology. So open on apis if you've ever heard that term basically you're sharing a program and then adapting it to something else that you already have. And that's a lot of the way that chat GPT is working right now. They just opened a new store and I call them They're called gpt's but I call them GPT Bots and basically all these companies have been exploring the technology behind chat GPT and open Ai and they've developed all these little spin-off apps for canva for all these other programs that are out there to use the AI technology and their current program and create something that's even more efficient. So it's open to everybody on these big companies and also for you to start building out your own.

Jenna Gaidusek: and little Bots

Jenna Gaidusek: Alright, so, how is taping the design process Number one. It's streamlining content creation to fill your pipeline with more qualified leads. It just helps you hone in on your messaging and even physically create that content. So even when I am running my ideas through what should I be posting today? What should I blog about their ideas? if we just take everything that we get in that response that we get from chat GPT and we plug that into our website. That's kind of boring and I can see it being

Jenna Gaidusek: this circle in a few years if everybody were to do that and not actually think with their minds in adapt and Elevate the information that it gets where it's basically just funneling the same regurgitated information over and over again, so that's why we take the information that we get and then we adapt it to our profession using our actual knowledge of the real world and we use it as inspiration, basically. The other thing is more automatization with leads to sales. So like I said earlier creating those nurture sequences and then adapting them to what you want to sell or what you want on your services to be so from lead generation from email in to actually finalizing that sale or client conversion.


Jenna Gaidusek: Amplify and creativity during the conceptual process. So I mean you're probably seeing all these AI images everywhere and some of them are just out there with context but a lot of them the designers that are through I'm just playing around typeface. we're using them for our Concepts. So we're using them to develop ideas before we get to this rendering phase or even the curation phase where we are just saying. Hey, here's your information that you provided me about your project. I'm going to kind of plug it in and see what I can come up with for some visual inspiration based off of your goals and my design inspiration. Let's make sure we're on the same page before we move forward. The other thing would be generative visuals.

Jenna Gaidusek: Yep, so General Vision so that they can visualize your ideas before sourcing and rendering exactly what I just said streamline content communication during collaboration. So you go through your phases and your process and you have a set like script or email to keep pushing the project through it just helps with professionalism to kind of rework your words. I don't know but you guys grammar's not my writing things in long form. It's not my forte. So that's why I will write something and then just say, okay just s*** up a little bit make it sound way better than what I just wrote but then again going

Jenna Gaidusek: Back through and editing and really making sure my voice comes through. So those are just some very simple things that can help you with your design process and it's important to remember that it's an enhancement to what you're already doing. It does not entirely substitute your current process. It just helps to amplify it and make it more seamless.

Jenna Gaidusek: So now I want to show you some visuals on that. I did a comparison between two programs so dolly is through open AI. Okay, so it is part of chat GPT plus so if you upgrade your chat GPT from the free version to the plus version you get Dolly mid journey is ten dollars a month. It is through Discord though. I believe last week. They just launched it on Mid where you can actually use their website and that one I use for ten dollars a month. I use both programs on people ask, which one do you like better and honestly every month. It's like this one's better this month. this one's better because they're constantly making advancements to their technology. So as you can see here, I have the same prompt for both of these images. I said design and mid-century modern meets future design for a living room. This is a very simple prompt just but look at the images and how vastly different they are.

Jenna Gaidusek: So dolly is more futuristic. It is showing those mid-century little aspects, but then we got the futuristic part on the wall with the screens and then on the right hand side.

Jenna Gaidusek: looking at that I love finding flaws in AI images. It just really goes to show that they're not accurate for actually creating a space from start to finish. there's no dining table here. Look at that. It's just chairs. So I think that that's kind of fun to go through and be like, this is beautiful, but then look closer. It gets a little weird. So again their conceptual they are not like I'm not going to go and act on this right now. There's some design that has to come after this. This is the same prompt in mid Journey version six, which is their new version right now and it's just more rustic more worn, but the colors are so vibrant. I don't see a lot of the futuristic parts of this but it is a great color palette and it is something that we could work with.

Jenna Gaidusek: Here's another one. I really love how these came out left hand side. We've got Dolly and the prompt was designed a California casual Coastal inspired. I said living room and this is clearly a bathroom. And so I copied the wrong prompt but this is the bathroom. So right here, we've got this beautiful vibrant space from dolly.

Jenna Gaidusek: And I actually was able to 'cause Dolly is just chatting back and forth. So I get two images and then I say, okay, let's change this. I actually was able to extract a version. It's not the exact of the wallpaper that they used here as a seamless texture so I can now take that seamless texture that I was inspired from this image by and put it on a pillow or in large and put it on artwork and pull all the hex codes and really create a nice color palette for my clients. there's so much you can do with these images. These are just here for us as design professionals to explore and then Elevate through our design process.


Jenna Gaidusek: If you look on the right hand side, this is mid Journey version 6 and this is so realistic in the way that they are now capturing the camera angles and the details. I mean, we've got, a little bit of focal point here on this and it's just such an interesting Viewpoint that I wanted to share those two comparisons for you. And then the last example that I have is that So the first one was the bathroom version here's the living room Dolly interpreted Coastal as more of a starfish and sea shells and type of format. Where mid Journey really took it and elevated it and made it more like California casual I'd say where it's Do you see a seashell? I don't think I even see a sea shell so that's always nice.

Jenna Gaidusek: So I know that this was like top I had half an hour to tell you guys all these amazing things. I'd love to answer any questions that you might have.

Bella Dane: I have a question.

Margaret Carroll: I have a question.

Bella Dane: Go ahead.

Margaret Carroll: Me should I go alright.

Jenna Gaidusek: To go ahead.

Margaret Carroll: Alright, can you put a floor plan in and have it derived some kind of just starter, rendering if you added enough prompts?

Jenna Gaidusek: 

Jenna Gaidusek: Not accurately right now. No,…

Margaret Carroll: Thank you.

Jenna Gaidusek: I do see that coming within the next year because of how fast we are moving through all these new Innovations, but currently no you can it doesn't understand human function. So what I would say is there is actually a feature in the madoma visualizer that I personally use. I'm sorry to bring that up again, but I use this because you can create a room and then say, okay, let's AI generate it and it'll flip the furniture and do some different Arrangements, but I do have to still draw the floor plan and I can't just put a picture in so it's not yet acknowledging actual functionality in space, but I do think that it's coming. So welcome. another question

Bella Dane: I had a question about your slide when you said major AI programs impacting interior design. Could you Circle back to that? I was a little bit confused on what that means.

Jenna Gaidusek: So these are So if you go to open, you'll see chat GPT and so they created chat GPT for ideas and…

Bella Dane: 

Jenna Gaidusek: building and then the visual part of that is lly. Have mid Journey so that was where I showed the comparison of the two images that is a image based on generative text on program and it's typically through Discord, which is a third party Community server. The other option is canva. So canva I use for my interior design business because

Jenna Gaidusek: Technically there's Dolly included where you could do generative text to image prompts in there, but it's not the same full capacity that you would get with the actual Dolly. So it's in there. But what I love about canva is that I can write a canva document and then I can say Okay convert this entire document over to a deck or over to a different type of format. social media or something and then it'll just create that entire presentation for me based off my document. There's tons of other things that are in there where if you've got a picture of a bedroom and you want to add a lamp or something in the corner or we'll say Greenery like a base of flowers on the nightstand, then you can actually highlight this one area type in I want to see, a base with flowers here and then it'll create four different options for you for that image. So Photoshop does something very similar, but phot

Jenna Gaidusek: Chop has a more elevated experience with that generative text filler. So right now these are my top programs that I use for just conceptual ideas and presentations and marketing material. SketchUp also has AI integrated and a lot of other programs do out there but for me if you were to get started today, this is what I would recommend getting started with That help.

Bella Dane: great. Thank you.

Jenna Gaidusek: You're welcome. Okay.

Robert Fodor: I just real quick. We are going to extend this particular concierge hour. Just so that Jenna can answer some questions. So I just want to let everybody know. It looks like Briar design. You were next.


Briar Design: Thank Yes, so you may have answered this before with the floor plan question. But there's no way at this point that AI can take some of my selections that I've made for a living room. Let's say, coffee table sofa and tables and put it into a space that could it?

Jenna Gaidusek: No, I'm not accurately and the reason why is So if you were to put a concept board into dolly, for example, and I do this it will kick back and say due to copyright restrictions. I cannot take the exact products at this time.

Briar Design: Okay.

Jenna Gaidusek: I do see workarounds in the making but I actually appreciate that because what if your client were to take your design board and run it through that scares me because they could do that and then they could shop it. So one thing that you can do technically is you can create a generative image and then you can put it in your reverse image So pilot now is AI built in to my Microsoft browser on or just Google reverse image search and then you can find those and then come back here and order with Daniel House Club and find the trade vendors.

Jenna Gaidusek: And there's ways around it. Yep.

Briar Design: Okay. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Rebekah

Rebekah Correll: Yeah, do you have any suggestions for putting together prompts in dolly or…

Jenna Gaidusek: Thank you.

Rebekah Correll: mid Journey on because I create my own but I find that sometimes they're not descriptive enough or…

Jenna Gaidusek: one

Rebekah Correll: they misinterpreted different things. So, do you have any workarounds or tips? I used just

Jenna Gaidusek: Yes, I have tons of classes on this. I also have a free download on my website 50 prompts to get you started for Mid Journey. So it basically gives you the composition of the prompt and then you can kind of change out your things but I do in depth go into dolly in mid Journey classes. the thing is kind of roulette you can prompt it the same prompt five times and get entirely different images every single time. So what I would suggest to you is start with something simple and then build off that prompt there are core elements that you'll want to go through, Style on different details that you want to include but the way that it's going to interpret it is going to be different in every time so mess around with a simple prompt and build

Robert Fodor: Thank you. There's a question from Christy and this would be a good segue into your special offer is for our members Kristy Smith asked do you have a website slash blog to order to AI or class offerings and how to get started?

Jenna Gaidusek: I sure do the

Jenna Gaidusek: Best alright. So AI for interior designers is my website. I am offering you guys a free month of my AI innovators Club. So every month we meet for two hours on Roundtable discussion, but also Focus topic like education I go through on different apps that are available. what's hot what's fresh and then we just talk about how designers are using it after your free month. It's only nineteen ninety nine and I also have an exclusive newsletter that'll go out to these members, but just a recap of what's new and what's hot that month for different AI tips. The other offer that I have for you is any of my core classes on you can receive 20% off in the core classes that I offer right now are Dolly getting started with chat GPT on Mid Journey 101 and soon the release is currently in it's only ninety nine dollars right now. It's going to go up when the live class starts but print on demand for interior design.

Jenna Gaidusek: Is using AI build out your own collection of artwork or pillows or whatever. That might So getting started with that. I also am going to be sending you guys. It's available as a free resource on my website. There's tons of free resources on my website as well, but I'll be sending you guys this after today too. So you can see and click through the 15, programs that I'm Choosing on a regular basis every week either myself or my ba design assistant for my interior design business.

Jenna Gaidusek: Yeah.

Robert Fodor: any other

Peter Spalding: Disrupt just Rhonda Chen have hand raised.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, Rhonda. I think you had your credit your hand raised for the training session, but I could be wrong. If you have a question for Jenna. us know. If not, we can answer the question related to the site training after.

Robert Fodor: I think Rhonda you may be muted just so in case you were answering. Alrighty.


Rhonda Chen: Sorry, Nicole. Sorry.

Robert Fodor: Thanks, Rhonda.

Robert Fodor: All right. I not includes our concierge hour for the month of January and I thank you so much. And really excited to be working with you.

Jenna Gaidusek: Thanks. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: And I think moving forward will probably have Jenna back and offer some additional resources. That's AI technology is something that is constantly changing.

Jenna Gaidusek: Yes. constantly changed

Robert Fodor: It's so new it is Relatively untapped when you really look at it as a whole. and I know a little bit about it, 'cause my husband actually teaches at Columbia University. So it's really exciting and I'm just excited to see how I can help all of us as interior designers. Make our lives a little easier but also by doing it that's ethical to housing to our clients. And also just in a way that you really makes it so that it works to our advantage and different aspect from score scene to presentation Etc. So really excited to see where this gonna take us.

Robert Fodor: Thank…

Jenna Gaidusek: to

Robert Fodor: Jenna. And thank you everyone Peter. Did you want to just say a few words before we sign off?

Peter Spalding: I know I just can't wait to keep learning more because I feel like Now I have enough information to even understand…

Jenna Gaidusek: I feel Good.

Peter Spalding: what AI is stuff. That's

Jenna Gaidusek: That was the goal.

Peter Spalding: but thank you and yeah.

Jenna Gaidusek: Awesome. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Robert Fodor: And most of all thanks to our members who join us today. We will continue to have these informational sessions and also our concierge hour, which will be I said every last Thursday of the month 9 am Pacific noon eastern time. We usually go for an hour. This was a much more engaging conversation and just the standard training and then Q&A session, but we're lining up a series of these informational sessions throughout the course of 204 and do look out for those reminders that we know try to send them out to eat ahead of the training and then also the week of the training and then the morning of the training so we give you three reminders throughout the course of the month. I'm really excited to get this kicked off. I couldn't have dreamed of a better person to kick off our 2024 than Jenna and thank you so much.

Robert Fodor: Ash thank you to all of our members again real quick just to give you a brief Lowdown. if you have any questions Just contact our concige Our concierge email address is concierge at Daniel house dot Club again concierge at Daniel house dot clu-b. You can also call us at nine seven one Three three were open between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday, or you can also live chat US during those hours as well directly on the website. We will attempt to get to everyone. Sometimes we may be with other folks on the phone. So we may have a bit of a delay but guaranteed we will get back to you. So thank you and have a wonderful year and a good kickoff to 2024. Take care of everyone.

Peter Spalding: Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Bye-bye.

Briar Design: Bye-bye.

Jenna Gaidusek: I think you

Meeting ended after 01:45:58 👋

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