Daniel House Club

Your partner in the business of design.

About The Club

Daniel House Club was created on a simple yet incredibly powerful idea: to transform design businesses by enabling designers to experience greater creative freedom and more financial success.

The concept behind Daniel House Club is both personal and professional to CEO Alexander Spalding and Chief Brand Officer Peter Spalding. As past owners of an interior design firm, they had experienced the many challenges and complexities of running a design business themselves. The Spalding brothers knew all too well that designers spend excessive amounts of time finding products, managing vendors, and handling logistics – and spend less time on being creative.

The two knew there must be a better way. And so, Daniel House Club was born.

Daniel House Club is designed to bring all the products designers want to complete their projects in one spot. This innovative platform simplifies sourcing and logistics so designers can focus on what they do best: designing. All orders have the same flat shipping terms and are priced so small designers can build margin in their business.

β€œOnce we unlocked this new, streamlined process, we knew we had to share it with designers everywhere.”

– Alexander & Peter

peter spalding & alexander spalding