Wall Lights to the Trade

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      Wall Lights to the Trade

      Shopping for sconce with your clients can be a pain. Helping them understand what distinguishes one from the next is challenging but critical to the outcome of their project. As you know, wall Sconces come in various shapes and sizes. They work well surrounding a fireplace, lining a hallway, adding additional light for the bed, especially on either side of a powder room mirror. They often feel more domestic and elegant in the bathroom than a vanity light.

      If your project is contemporary, you'll want to look at pieces like Hudson Valley Lighting's Paladino Wall Sconce in old bronze and alabaster; it's tailored and square. Look at something sculptural like Troy Lighting's Florence Wall Sconce for a midcentury vibe. If it's clean but traditional you're after, consider Currey's Latimer Nickel Wall Sconce, which also works as a vanity light. Finally, if you're a purist, Mark D. Sikes Classic No.1 aged brass double sconce with pleated linen shades is for you.

      Taut fixtures can add architecture to a room, while more confectionary pieces like Regina Andrew's Cheshire Sconce featuring delicately crafted crystal flowers suspended by gold stems bring romance. Taking care of these sorts of small, nuanced decisions ensures the story of the space you're creating is thorough and well-supported.