November Concierge Hour

November Concierge Hour

Not sure where to get started with Daniel House Club? Check out this training video. Or, join one for yourself next month. They're the last Thursday of every month. Plus, you'll get a $100 gift card just for attending!




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Robert Fodor: Hello, Marie. How are you? Doing well.

Marie-Andrée Vandal: I'm fine yourself.

Robert Fodor: We're just kind of gathering things and we'll get started at around three minutes after the hour. Just so you're

Marie-Andrée Vandal: first perfect. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: IED but tool

Batoul Ayoub: Hi, how are you?

Robert Fodor: Doing We're gonna get started at around three minutes after the hour. Just so you're aware.

Batoul Ayoub: Okay.

Robert Fodor: Hi Trish.

Robert Fodor: For those of you that just joined will be getting started at around three minutes after the hour, just so everybody's aware.

Renee Wyatt: Hi, everyone.

Robert Fodor: Hey Renee.

Renee Wyatt: Hey Robert.

Robert Fodor: We'll get started at around three minutes after the hour.


Robert Fodor: Hi, everybody who just joined will be getting started in about two minutes at a three minutes after the hour.

Robert Fodor: that

Robert Fodor: Okay, everyone just about a minute away and we'll go ahead and get started.

Robert Fodor: We are at three minutes after so we're gonna go ahead and get started on welcome everybody. Thanks for joining us for our monthly concierge hour. This is an opportunity for all of our members. It doesn't have to be brand new members. Anybody who's been on the site for any period of time conjoin. It's an open Forum as well as a training and a refresher training session to go over the site and for also you to ask questions as we go along. I do want to introduce my colleague Renee if you can just introduce yourself and say hello, that would be wonderful.

Renee Wyatt: Hi My name is Renee. I'm new to the team. I've been with Daniel house for about two months. I probably have emailed and spoken with a few of you on the phone. But hopefully we'll work with all of you at some point soon.

Robert Fodor: Thank you, yeah, so you'll be working obviously with our concierge team. Renee is the newest member and we're just really happy to have her on board and

Robert Fodor: So I'd like to just set a few house rules. Everybody can just mute. I think everybody is muted. Thank you. I would appreciate that. We will be going into a training session for about the first half hour. And then the last half hour will open it up as an open forum for any questions. You can also type in your questions to the chat function or you can just simply unmute yourself and say hello and ask a question. So you would feel free. And with that I think we'll go ahead and get started. I'm gonna go ahead and take myself off a video for now and then I'm gonna share my screen out with everybody and we'll be going through some basics of the site and then at the end of that we'll like I said, open it up for questions. for whatever reason as we go through things you have a question feel free to type it into the chat or

Robert Fodor: Also just unmute yourself and ask the question as we go along as well in the training. It's oftentimes everybody forgets what their question was. And so I want to make sure that we're answering questions as we go along as well. So I'm going to go off video and then share my screen. And we'll go ahead and get started.

Robert Fodor: Okay.

Robert Fodor: All So this is actually our home page. You're probably familiar with this a couple of things that I just want to point out first and foremost. There is a login that you have to log in to check your membership pricing. So if you're just looking at the site and you're not logged in you can still look at things. You just won't see your membership pricing. So do log into the system first now you will sometimes see this little or shop pay pop up that comes up. Unfortunately that something that we haven't been able to disable because it's actually on our back end and our back end is actually a Shopify backend believe it or not. So it's something that we are looking to get rid of just know you don't have to put in a number here at all. You can simply just click on the X and just x that out. You don't need that to log into our system at all. All you need to do is just log in with your email.

Robert Fodor: password into Daniel House Club If for whatever reason you've forgotten your password, just click on forgot your password link here and we will send you an email which will take you through the process of resetting your password. So I'm going to go ahead and sign in. And the way that we know that we're signed into the system is that you can see here. It says hello Robert and it gives you the project and account dropdown menu. So you'll see your name there. When you see your name, you'll always know that you're logged into the system.


Robert Fodor: For our Canadian friends. There is also a way to view items in Canadian dollars as opposed to US dollars. So you do have that option up here on the top left for the purposes of this training. I'll just be going through US dollar but you do have the ability to view the items in Canadian dollars.

Robert Fodor: Going on down the line here. If you click on our logo, it will always take you back to our home page. And then there's a couple of different drop-down menus here at the top first is our shop menu. So this allows you to go and really just burrow down into different categories and subcategories. Of product. You can also look at new items that have been added by clicking on the shop new stuff and then going to whichever category you wish you can also look at items that are in stock with the vendors and I just say with the vendors because we do not inventory or stock items ourselves. We ship everything directly from the vendor, but these are in stock items with the vendor.

Robert Fodor: And then The sourcing concierge is let's say we don't have a full catalog up for some of our vendors that is a reality right now. Unfortunately, we are slowly getting through that and adding not only new items but also they're complete inventories as well. So you won't have to be submitting product requests. However, this is one way that you can submit a product request. So for any of our vendors where you don't see an item on their website or in one of their catalogs that is on Daniel house

Robert Fodor: You can also request that item to be added to Daniel house so that you can include that in a project that you're working on. You can click on the sourcing concierge and then just click on we'll find it for you. And this actually takes you to a form to fill out. It just gives name email phone number the links to which products you want to have added. And then also how quickly you need these done. If you have imagery instead of a link you can also upload a file here and then There's a free form text field where you can just type in whatever you wish. So if it's custom item or a com item or an inquiry about a customization, you can just type that in here click submit and that automatically goes to our concierge.

Robert Fodor: The other way that you can do it is by sending us some email and you can just send the email to our concierge at Daniel House Club email. I'll go through the email addresses and phone numbers at the end and send us any links or photos as well. If you have an upcoming project, or if you know that you want to have let's say you just went to Market you went to High Point. And you had your handy-dandy spreadsheet of items that you love that are brand new that aren't even on the website yet. You could literally send us that spreadsheet and say Robert. Hey Renee. Can you add item all of these items to Daniel house?

Robert Fodor: We can absolutely do that. Even before you start shopping for a particular project. So always feel free to send us that information ahead of time the more lead time. We have the better for the larger the list, but we have many designers who do that. They just send us a list of an Excel spreadsheet of the items that they saw at market and they just want to have them at immediately to Daniel House Club and we can do that.

Robert Fodor: Similarly with vendors. So if you're not wishing to look at just shopping, you can also look at vendors and click on any one of our vendors to see all of their products that we currently have on the website that is not representative usually of their entire catalog or of new items. We are constantly uploading and adding new items and also completing catalogs and inventories online literally all the time every day.

Robert Fodor: We also have a list of artists and vendors. This is going to be something that we will be adding to next year pretty significantly this sort of fits with our ethos of who we are as a company in that we're trying not only to be the easiest way to Source, but also have some of the more unique vendors. So these are people who are modern craft makers artists who have some really interesting product and may fit to one of your projects as well. Similar to the shopping concierge. We also have a sourcing concierge. So if you have a vendor that you work with on a regular basis, and we currently do not work with them. You can also click on Click on lettuce help you it takes you to a form that looks pretty similar to the shopping concierge and you can just say hey, do you work with company ABC and we will reply


Robert Fodor: and if it's something that our vendor management team thinks should be added and would be a good mix to our inventory and available vendors, and we'll reply back and also let you know when they will be added potentially.

Robert Fodor: Also for some vendors that we currently don't have listed on site. We do have the ability to order from them. So always check with us through the sourcing concierge or just by sending us an email to ask us if we work with a particular vendor or not. There are some vendors unfortunately who we work with who still don't want to have their information publicly available on any website other than their own and so with those, unfortunately, our hands are tied a little bit but we do still have the ability to order with So one of them that I can think of off the top of my head is any silky

Robert Fodor: Any selky for whatever reason they don't want their information on any other website besides their own they do obviously sell through some other channels, but they really wanted it locked down completely to only be available to our members. So if you do want to purchase anything from any selkie just send this an email. We're happy to add it for you and we'll send you a custom invoice and you can go ahead and purchase it that way. We can also send the invoice to your client. If you're using share your invoice and share your cart function so we can do that and also share any portion of your discount with your client as well.

Robert Fodor: The trade program obviously everybody's already here. So everybody knows kind of what we do why we do it Etc. And then the club bulletin this just gives information on some of our webinars in the past and also our past membership training sessions so you can always keep an eye out for that as well.

Robert Fodor: One thing I just wanted to have everybody look at is a product information page for an item. So let's just click on sofas and we'll click on the bunny Williams southern belle sofa the chinoiseree. And a couple of things I just want to note here. Obviously, we have product photos here. So you can click on any of the product photos to get the product. And then you can also enlarge it as well. If we have an enlarged. This looks like a tiny photo but we also have photos of items from the manufacturer's websites as well. So if you ever need specifications tear sheets anything like that, just let us know. We're happy to send those to you.

Robert Fodor: Sure.

Renee Wyatt: Do we still get our usual membership discount with vendors that you do not have on your website. Also, could you please review the commission program information and how that works and how to use it.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, I'll go through the commission program in a little bit. But yes, you do receive your standard discount. Any selkie is the maximum amount that they actually participate in our club membership.

Robert Fodor: A couple of things here. Obviously, this is the title. You can also click into any of the other items through bunny Williams by just clicking on the hyperlink for bunny Williams. This will show what the MSRP or map prices and then also show what your price is based on your membership discount. This will also tell you what the estimated arrival is. we give estimated arrival as opposed to estimated So this is actually going to take into account production lead time if the item is on backorder currently and if the vendor has let us know that the item was on backorder. It's going to take all that into account. So you will see here what the estimated arrival? mean delivery would be And so if you click on the little I here it does show you what does estimated arrival mean. It actually means the amount of time. We estimate it will take for this item to arrive to you.


Robert Fodor: So you can see that at any time and also direct your clients to that as well if they're looking at this page. We also have

Renee Wyatt: Another quick question Robert do we have a list of complete vendors that aren't shown on the site?

Robert Fodor: We do if you want to send us a quick email to concierge at Daniel or just send us a form email through the form on the website. We're happy to send that list to you. No problem.

Robert Fodor: We also have the item description here. We have weight and dimensions. We also have other specifications that the vendor might have given us color material Etc. We also have shipping policy information. And then also this is the most important which is a return policy because you're working with wholesalers through us. There are some wholesalers who do not accept remorse returns at all period the vast majority of the larger wholesalers. However, do accept returns. However, as you can see there's usually a restocking fee and then also your responsible for return shipping now the return policies here and also the damage and defect claim policies are indicated here as well. They will be different based upon which manufacturer your purchasing from.

Robert Fodor: But just know that is where that information is located. So if you ever have a question, I don't know. I may not like that particular table lamp. I wonder if I could If it doesn't work definitely double check the return policy section on the individual item page.

Robert Fodor: What we do is we enforce the policies of the vendors. So we do not have a separate return policy of our own and the primary reason for that is that we do not inventory or stock items. So we are simply enforcing what the vendor has now we will always go to bat for you always if there's a damage a defect claim anything or even a remorse return and sometimes you may not have the ability to look at things right away. Maybe it takes a week or two for you to look at the item and open it and determine whether or not it'll work or not. Even if it's outside of the initial five to seven days that we say that we want to hear from you. If there's an issue we will always go to battle for you with the vendors directly so that we can ensure that there's a good outcome for you.

Robert Fodor: All right. Sure.

Renee Wyatt: Another quick question in the chat. Do you carry commercial contract grade vendors?

Robert Fodor: That's a very good question. And yes, a lot of our vendors do carry commercial grade. They also have Available for commercial grade or contract grade as well?

Robert Fodor: And if you ever have a question about it, just let us know.

Robert Fodor: We're gonna go ahead and move on. And go back to our dashboard page, which is the main page that we come to when we log into the system. The dashboard page has a lot of information. So it'll show you what your four most recent projects are. I only have two recent projects here. And I can click into either one of these and we'll go through that in a little bit. But I just first want to show you everything that's on the dashboard page. There's also a need help function here. So if you click need help that will take you so that you can contact the concierge directly or you can also live chat us with the little button down here on the far right that's the live chat function or you can call or email us either way.

Robert Fodor: You can also create a new project and a new board by just clicking on either one of these now. The way that the workflow really works best for everybody on Daniel house is that you create a blanket project and then you create boards within that project. You can basically determine however you want.

Robert Fodor: To establish and organize your projects and your project boards accordingly. Some people like to do it by room some people like to do it by vendor. There are some vendors who we have free shipping with because you would be creating a cart to share with your client or to check out on your own. You may want to have just a bivender bored that way, all the items in that board. And when you share it with your client or when you check out, that you'll have free standard shipping on all of those items for example, or you can do it by room. So either way Or however, you wish to organize it.


Robert Fodor: Moving down this page you'll also see this is a list of all the carts that I've created from the boards within projects so you can see the board name here. I have living room primary bedroom outdoor patio Etc. And then I also has the project name here. It also shows who I shared it with. It will also say the date that I sent it or shared it with the client. And then over here, you'll see a series of small icons. The first is a little that will indicate whether or not the cart has been viewed. Whether or not it has been paid for.

Robert Fodor: And whether or not it has shipped yet now when it's grayed out that means that none of the above has been done. However, you can see there's an order here down at the bottom where it's bolded in black and you can see that means It was bolded in black for the dollar sign that means it was purchased and then similarly with a little truck that means that it was actually shipped. And you can also see when an order was placed by looking at the order number. This is our long order number. There's also a four digit number that we send to you as a confirmation. And then also the date here. As well as the dollar amount. And also the total that your client pays which would be whatever discount you're sharing with your client the savings that they have and then also the profit that you're making off of that particular card.

Robert Fodor: So that just shows you a list of all carts. you can delete these if they're no longer valid. Or you can also archive your projects and we'll go through how to do that. Once we create a project.

Robert Fodor: So I'm just going to click into this project here, which is Adams 130 Spencer Road. I can also see that this particular project. I created on January 26 2023. I don't have any project details here, but I could also add overall budget as well as FF and M budget. Site address information as well as what percentage of my discount I'm sharing with my client. So I have a Pro Plus account. So if I share 50% of that that means that my clients going to save 25% and I'm going to make 25% off of that particular card as well. I also created several boards here. So the boards are just items that I can add to individual rooms or I said, you could also submit it as by vendor.

Robert Fodor: When I don't have any items in it'll have this little start sourcing icon here and I can just click into the board itself. And then I can click on get started. And it will take me to our shopping page or I can just go directly to the shop menu.

Robert Fodor: And then we're going to go and look for sofas and love seats. We're gonna go back to the bunny Williams sofa. And if I want to add this to that particular project and board, I just click on save to project.

Robert Fodor: And I want to add this to the dining room. Let's say or let's just add it to the primary bedroom. And then you can see it's been added. and then if we go back to this particular

Robert Fodor: board Whoops, sorry.

Robert Fodor: I added it to the primary. And then we can click on view project.

Robert Fodor: And it will take us back to the project and now you can see that the sofa is there. It's in the primary bedroom.

Robert Fodor: And you could also see what your price is. You can change quantities Etc.

Robert Fodor: Once I get to the point of sharing this with my client, I've already selected all my furniture. I want to go ahead and create a cart. To then share with my client or to check out. I can click on build a client or I can click on to me Bill to client means that you are gonna share it with your client. So we'll go through that because that's I think the most likely scenario that people have some questions about

Robert Fodor: so we select which board we want to add as a cart. So let's just say we're going to do the primary bedroom that we just added that bunny Williams sofa too. Click on create cart. And then you would input your clients email here. And this is also really great because when you establish the project and we'll go through creating a project as well. You do create a percent discount that you want to share with your client. However, At the board level you do have the ability to change the discount. So let's say you're working a lot harder on the living room versus the primary bedroom. You can change your discount here or maybe even change it because of the discount that you're getting offered for. Let's say in any selkie product or something to that effect if you're getting a little bit of a lower discount there, but as a


Robert Fodor: Tool you will always get your flat discount. So you'll know exactly making what your clients going to be saving Etc. You also have the ability to have your clients. Remove products or not before they complete checkout. So if you check the box, that means that your client does have the ability to remove products before they check out and pay if you uncheck it that means that they do not have the ability to do that.

Robert Fodor: I know that I want to get both of these sofas for this particular room. So I'm just going to go right to the shipping menu. We ship obviously within Canada in the United States. And then I have the ability to select expedited curbside room of choice or white glove. Let's go through each of these residential curbside means they will literally take it to your curbside or to the threshold. If you're in a city, they're obviously not going to leave it on a city street, but they will bring it to the threshold of the building not to So to the building we don't recommend that level of service for City Apartment dwellings. Unless you have somebody to help you bring the item into the apartment or whatever domicile you're delivering to. Expedited curbside same thing. It just means that you get it in half the time.

Robert Fodor: So it's exactly the same as residential Rumor Choice with packaging removal that means that they will actually take the items into the home or the domicile and they will remove the packaging and they will place the item in the room that you want the item to be in. They do not do anything regarding assembly. They will just do room of choice and then remove the packaging materials. This is great whatever reason something is damaged or there's a defect or there's some issue you will know right away and you'll be able to indicate it on the proof of delivery form.

Robert Fodor: The last is white glove and that is literally Cradle to grave everything. It's from bringing the item in it is taking the packaging materials. It is assembling the item. The only thing that they won't do is they won't install something. So if it's a bookcase, for example that is mounted onto a wall, they will assemble the bookcase, but they will not Mount the bookcase onto the wall.

Robert Fodor: For these last two options, I will just mention with rheumatoid with white glove. It is imperative. If there is an issue if there is a defect if there is a little stain somewhere if there's a little Nick somewhere really make sure to inspect these pieces and instruct your clients. Do so as well. If you're shipping directly to them as opposed to a receiver or to your office or to your Warehouse. It's imperative that they do this because a lot of vendors are really cracking down on their requirements for damage and defect claims. We have to have photos of the issue.

Robert Fodor: We also have to have photos of the packaging and the labels and we also have to have the proof of delivery form indicated that there was a potential or an actual issue if there was damage or defect this just furthers our ability to close these claims out for you in a really timely and Swift manner. So if you have questions around any of that, please do let us know. We're happy to give you information on what are the best practices we also have some videos around this as well. And we also send you an email before your item arrives to let you know how to prepare for that. So if you're the one that's getting that Or if your client paid for the particular item through Daniel house, they will also get that email as well with that video on how to prepare for delivery.

Robert Fodor: So we're gonna go ahead and select white glove and I'm going to click on purview preview cart and I can go back in and I can edit anything that I want. So let's say I just wanted to remove this Capra sofa I can still remove this before I send the invoice. I can go back to edit and edit any of the details here before I send it. But if it's ready to go and the client can see what the MSRP is. They will only see what they're savings are. They are not going to see what your total savings are. So if you're sharing a portion of your discount, they're only going to see the discount that you're sharing with them. They're not going to see your total discount here. And then we would just click And that gets sent to your client and then you'll see here the message that says success your cart has been sent.


Robert Fodor: when you actually input their email address when you're creating the cart, the first thing that they will get is an email that looks like it will say an account has been created for you and they can actually click on this link in the email and they can look at it and then also go into see what their account is. the second email they'll get is once you send the cart with them. They'll get an email that says a cart has been shared with you.

Robert Fodor: They can click on the link here to view the cart. So it's really important that your clients understand that they do not have to go in and create an account with Daniel house. If they do that, it will not be linked to your account and they will not be able to take advantage of your discount. So they will always get that email. for whatever reason they do not receive that email please have them check spam and junk email because sometimes those emails do get caught there unfortunately, but both of those emails will be sent whenever you share a cart with a client. when you're checking out on your own. You would just click the bill to me. So if you're going to invoice your clients separate from Daniel House Club, you can click on build to me. And then again, we just go through the same process that we went through. So we'll go to primary bedroom create cart.

Robert Fodor: These are the same items now, obviously because we're not sharing the discount here. This just gives you your full discount because you're going to be invoicing your clients separate. And then it just takes you through the same process that we went through to select shipping.

Robert Fodor: And then it goes to the checkout screen which will then take you to our credit card processor and then you place the order. One thing I will let is the email that I just showed you that goes to your client when you share the cart with your client it's branded to Daniel House Club. It says Daniel house club's name. We are currently in the process of personalizing that so it can be customized and have your name on it.

Robert Fodor: Potentially your logo as well. We're kind of looking into that on the back end to see if that's something that we can do but we're definitely looking to do it so that the email that gets sent out it will say something to the effect of Robert Fodor has shared a cart with you Robert Fodor has created an account for you Etc. So just look for those changes coming up. We're hoping to roll that out either by the end of this quarter or by next year which will be really great. We've gotten a lot of feedback around that because sometimes it gets a little confusing when you're talking to your client. You're sourcing through Daniel House Club, even though you've told them that you're sourcing through Daniel House Club and they get an email and they're a little confused as to who this is and why they're getting it. So hopefully that will eliminate some of that and also make it so that it's a more unique And sort of customized experience for you with your clients as well.

Robert Fodor: All So I'm going to go back to the dashboard screen. And let's create a new project. So I'm going to click new project. And I'm just going to use Renee's name here. And we'll say this is for the high point.

Robert Fodor: I want to share 50% of my discount with her. So you can see here it now changes that my client will be saving 25% My profit will be 25% because I'm a pro plus member which affords me a 50% discount. And then I can put in here the total budget. It's not required. Maybe we don't have a budget for fnm. Who knows. Let's just say 10,000. the side address we'll go ahead and include that information and then click create project.

Robert Fodor: So this creates our project and this gives us all the information here as far as sharing my discount what the site address is all of that information that we just looked at. Now I can create a board by create new board link here under the boards, or I can just click on new board here. And let's just call this.


Robert Fodor: living and Diving area

Robert Fodor: create board And now this takes us to the board and then we can click on get started or we can just like I said go to the shopping menu.

Robert Fodor: We'll go to our trusted southern belle sofa from bunny Williams. And I want to add this to the new project and the new board that I just created. So I'm going to click on this which is the board that I just created and now you can see it's been added. And That's as simple as it needs to be. If for whatever reason you're not working with a project, we strongly encourage people to use projects and boards for a variety of reasons. One of which is actually a promotional reason which I will talk about in one second. But if you don't want to use a project and a board, you can just simply add the item to the cart. And if you note now. It will say I want to continue shopping. If I go to my cart I can then see that.

Robert Fodor: So this is just the standard cart that you see with it's not associated with any project. I just want to purchase this item with my full discount and check out and that's it.

Robert Fodor: One thing I will say here is that your cart will reset after 14 days. So if you have an item in your cart, it will be removed after 14 days. if it's not purchased now for projects and Boards, they remain there in perpetuity until you do something with them whether they're purchased whether there are archived Etc. So let's just go into the Wyatt project. And I want to go ahead and archive this because I'm done with this project now so I can just click archive project. It will give you a prompt that says are you sure you want to Archive this you click? And now you can see it's no longer there under my current projects. It will be under the archive button. And this will show me all of my archive projects.

Robert Fodor: So we strongly encourage everybody to do that because when you go to add items from the shop menu when you're on a product page, it can become quite cumbersome to filter down through a bunch of different projects. So definitely archive as you see fit you can also delete them as well. If it's a project that didn't move forward or you can keep them. Whichever you wish. Now related to what I was talking about on projects versus the standard cart function here. When you are a brand new member with Daniel house the moment that you create your first project.

Robert Fodor: You have a 30-day window where we give you free standard shipping. So once you create your first project the time clock starts ticking where you have free standard shipping for any project no matter how many boards you create and how many carts you share with your client to get free standard shipping for 30 days. Once you create your first project, so just know that that's a really nice incentive to be using projects and boards and also to share them out with your client if that's something that you want to do. Okay.

Robert Fodor: I think that is about it. That's all I wanted to go through right now. The one thing I wanted to show everybody. Was in our trade program. Link you'll also see. We have a list of frequently asked questions. One sec.

Robert Fodor: Go back to our homepage. So we have a list of frequently asked questions that has also a list of items that will give you information about receivers. we do not work with the receivers directly, but we do update a list of receivers that we provide to our members and we update that twice a year. So that is something we try to vet them as quickly as we can but it's nothing that we would work directly with the receivers you would work directly with the receivers, but it is a list that we do keep up to date fairly frequently. So I just wanted to let people know about that as well.

Robert Fodor: All I think with that I'm going to stop sharing my screen and I'll go back on video and please feel free to ask any and all questions. And we are here at your disposal for the next two 15-20 minutes or so.


Renee Wyatt: There are a couple of new questions in the chat Robert. Do you offer Abbas abbyson Furniture through Daniel House Club. I'm not familiar with them.

Robert Fodor: I have not heard of them either if it's somebody that you work with on a regular basis, whoever asked that question definitely send us an email and we're happy to have a look at them and see if they'd be a good fit.

Renee Wyatt: Next question. How do we generate an affiliate link to give to other designers and do we still get a 2.5% on all of their purchases for the first year?

Robert Fodor: Yes, and this actually brings me to the commission question that was from earlier. So I want to talk about versus Affiliates totally different things. So commission is for any amount that you do not share with your client as your discount you will receive that as a commission payout from Daniel house. So we do that every month the third or fourth week of the month. It's done through ACH deposit. And we have to send you also a W-9 form because that is technically income as well. We will proactively send that to you and also the ACH authorization form, so it's automatically sent to you.

Robert Fodor: Affiliates are very different because Affiliates mean you're actually referring other professional people in the other designers other purchasing agents Etc. Not your clients, but other people in the design trade to Daniel house, when you do that, you do have to be approved to be an affiliate. So you do have to visit our affiliate page, which is just Affiliates dot Daniel House Club. And that sends us a form our accounting department will approve you. They'll send you the approval letter and then they'll also send you a link which you can use to send to people who you wish to refer to Daniel house with that. It will make sure that you get credit for their account, which is a $50 flat fee. And then you also get for one year 2.5% on all of their purchases as well.

Robert Fodor: So just make sure that you send the link that we send to you from our accounting team and use that when people are setting up accounts as an affiliate of yours.

Robert Fodor: Any other questions Renee?

Renee Wyatt: And just for the link and I can put that in the chat just in a moment.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, it's actually Partners Daniel house dot Club just so that everybody knows but yeah, Renee can go ahead and put that in. Thank you very much.

Robert Fodor: All right. Let's see here.

Batoul Ayoub: I actually do have a question. Hi, So I my first ordered a couple weeks ago.

Robert Fodor: Yes hypertool.

Robert Fodor: Yes.

Batoul Ayoub: Question about text so it's technically like buying through you. I'm not paying tax, correct.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, so good question on tax. So right now tax we are located in the state of Oregon. First of all, that's where our headquarters are located. There is no state sales tax.

Batoul Ayoub: right

Robert Fodor: And right now we do not have a Nexus in other states to charge sales tax. So we do not charge sales tax currently. However, that is going to change big time in 2024 because we will hit those next Nexus in other states. So once we do that It will automatically charge the sales tax for wherever the item is being shipped to and then all of you will have the ability to send us either a resale certificate or a tax exemption certificate to let us know if you want to apply that to the order or not.

Batoul Ayoub: Of so now I do have to charge my client the sales on the stuff, okay?

Robert Fodor: Right there is no need to charge them sales tax because we do not have a tax next state.

Batoul Ayoub: What? Okay,…

Robert Fodor: Yeah. Yeah,…

Batoul Ayoub: All right.

Robert Fodor: other than Oregon and Oregon to actually doesn't even have a sales tax. so yeah,…

Batoul Ayoub: 

Robert Fodor: it doesn't apply just yet. But I said, it will be changing rather soon.

Batoul Ayoub: Okay, perfect. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Yep.

Renee Wyatt: Next question. Is it just the one link for the Affiliates that we can reuse if we have more than one referral?

Robert Fodor: Absolutely. Yeah, it'll be just a standard link that will be to a portal page where people can sign up that will be just And for the people who you are referring.

Renee Wyatt: And can you please go over the commission information again?

Robert Fodor: So as you saw we just created projects we shared out with our client. For whatever portion of your discount you are not sharing with your client. You will get that as a commission payout. So if let's say you have a 50% discount you're sharing 25% or 50% of your discount with your client. You will get 25% back if you're sharing 50% of your 50% discount. Does that make sense?


Robert Fodor: and whoever good. I just saw the yes confirmation. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Do you offer the ability to obtain Fabric or finish samples or have a contact request absolutely any sort of samples or finish samples swatches anything like that? We can coordinate with the vendor directly to send directly to you and I should say to your client. So if you wanted it to be sent to your end client you can do that as well. And we can coordinate that now we will also let you know from the vendor if they don't have a Swatch or if they don't have a finished sample for a particular item, but always request it. So, yeah.

Robert Fodor: Any other questions? Sure.

Batoul Ayoub: Yes, one more question, please. So I asked about the contract grade vendors. so…

Robert Fodor: Yes.

Batoul Ayoub: how do I look because I'm basically so I'm not sure what type of products is there like an info box that would tell me this is a contract grade or commercial

Robert Fodor: Yeah.

Robert Fodor: So right now our search filter capabilities do have the ability to search by contract grade or by performance grade and things like that. But that's only if the vendor has given us that information as part of the definition or product description. So I would just recommend if you want to know which vendors just send us an email and we can send you a list back of items vendors that you could be looking for. if you're doing something that's Project Specific. We're happy to do that. if you're doing an office or some Hospitality project or something to that effect, we can let accordingly. Sure.

Batoul Ayoub: Perfect. Thank you.

Robert Fodor: Any other questions? shipping anything around damage and defect claims?

Dan Newell: It's Robin. Can you hear me? Hi first off.

Robert Fodor: Hi, Robin.

Dan Newell: I want to thank the two of you you have been beyond amazing. And anyone that hasn't used them yet. They're concierge team fought for return for me like nobody's business and I just am so grateful. You guys are amazing. So that's number one the I know Robert you said in that they were working on a favorites and to just create a project in the meantime two of the other things that I find when I'm searching.

Dan Newell: Is there possibility in a future of similar items, so I'm looking for something and instead of going through all the beds, I found one. I like is that a possibility of having a feature that would be able to hit and say okay. These are all the ones that are like the one you're looking at and the other is The ability to know if something might be available in other finishes or colors because even though you don't have it on your website, then I've got to go to the vendors website and if there was something to at least know even if you don't have them all on the board, that's another issue. So those were the two things out in doing searches has been just a little more complicated.

Robert Fodor: Yeah, and those just I'm gonna give you a little peek under the hood if you will for q1 coming up and…

Dan Newell: Love it.

Robert Fodor: and just for 2024 in general. We actually have hired a site merchandising consultant. It's actually somebody who I used to work with when I was working for Design Within Reach and they are fantastic. She actually led the whole product team at Design Within Reach and she's just wonderful. So we are going to be working with her to do a lot more site merchandising and along those lines. There will be things like, stories behind the vendors story beat stories behind the products also similar and light items and once you select something, it'll say if you like to this item, then you can also, see these other items as well. That would look very well with this product this particular item.


Robert Fodor: It doesn't have to be specific either. It's going to be a cross vendors. So one of the plans that we have for this coming year and I think it's going to be on the early side of next year is to do a complete overhaul of site merchandising and that will allow you to look at and search out things and filter things in a much more effective way. And then also give you suggestions on things that you could look at as well.

Dan Newell: Thank you so much Robert and looking forward to those. Thanks Renee.

Robert Fodor: And yeah,…

Renee Wyatt: Thank you, Robin.

Robert Fodor: thanks for the compliment. we always love compliments. Thank you very much.

Robert Fodor: And thank you I saw your comment as well. That was very sweet of you. Okay, looks like a couple more questions came in do we get assigned our own rep or do we just contact the concierge team? Currently? We are a small team. So just contact the concierge team and one of us will be in contact with you and we'll help you, we work in tandem. So we're there to help all of you, but you will always reach a live person. You'll never reach a computer. You'll never reach an automated response. You'll always get somebody to speak to or to email with or to live chat with.

Robert Fodor: For shipping if we have a warehouse. Can we still do white glove you can but I don't recommend doing it because we're going to be shipping directly to your Warehouse. So they won't actually come back and pick it up and then deliver it white glove to wherever you want to have it delivered to so if you're shipping to a warehouse, we just recommend that you ship it via standard delivery and not even pay the room of choice and not pay the white glove fee. But we don't have a service that would just come out and then take an item from a warehouse to the end clients home or wherever you're going to be installing that.

Robert Fodor: Okay any other questions?

Renee Wyatt: I think there was one more if delivering to a receiving Warehouse, is that considered curbside?

Robert Fodor: thank you. I didn't see that one. Yes, that would be considered curbside delivery or the expedited curbside depending on if you need it in a hurry. So yes, if you're sending to a receiver always do curbside.

Robert Fodor: Okay.

Robert Fodor: we have five minutes left just some general housekeeping again. Our affiliate portal link is Partners Daniel house dot Club. If you are like Robin and Ashley who were so kind to let us know that they love working with us. And you do love working with us. We love for you to spread the word and we actually have a fair amount of our members who are doing that now and we really appreciate that. So definitely if you're willing and love us get the word out about Daniel house club by joining the affiliate and we'll send you that information accordingly. Our concierge service is open Monday through Friday 9:00. Am excuse me 8am now to six pm since Renee comes in She's an early bird. I'm the leader I'm the night owl but no we have folks who are available 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Robert Fodor: So we always have live chat open during those hours. If you don't reach Somebody by a phone, that means that all of us are probably on a call and we will phone you back immediately once we're able to do so, so we do have a live receptionist to you'll never again speak to a computer or a voicemail. You will always speak with a live individual and they will take a message for us. So we'll have some intelligence around what your phone call was about. but always feel free to leave a message and we will phone you back. Absolutely if we're not able to answer the phone immediately. And then also you can email us which is just concierge at Again, that's concierge at Daniel house. So there's no com. It's just dot Club. And then we also have our phone number which is nine seven one three three.

Robert Fodor: three again open between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday. Thank you everyone for joining our November training session. And we will see you at the end of December for our next membership training session and happy holidays to everybody. Take care.


Renee Wyatt: Hi, everyone.

Robert Fodor: Bye.

Meeting ended after 01:15:52 👋

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