Utilizing a Receiver Will Make Your Project Management Much Easier

Utilizing a Receiver Will Make Your Project Management Much Easier

Looking to make sourcing even easier?

When you have items shipped directly to a client's home all sorts of issues may follow. Even if you have an ideal client, they cannot see the picture in your head of how their home will ultimately look until the whole project comes together. Items arriving at their home one at a time will undergo much greater scrutiny than they would if installed all at once; for an anxious client, each new piece may present a new set of concerns. Items arriving at a working job site can be easily damaged or misplaced, leading to thousands of dollars in losses, as well as your time.

You don’t have the time or space to inspect and store everything you order. That’s where the right receiver becomes invaluable.​​ Shipping and storing with a receiver ensures that every piece you purchase is immediately inspected by a professional team upon arrival. Photographs are taken and any damage claims are filed in a timely manner and you don’t have to oversee every detail. Many have relationships with furniture repair specialists who can come directly to the receiver, so your client never needs to be involved. And the contents of an entire project can be safely stored until your installation date. 

Using a receiver allows you to intercept any potential issues and saves you from continuous back and forth on every piece with a client. It keeps the job site ordered and ensures nothing gets misplaced or damaged. Shipping goods directly to a client’s home is rarely a good idea; utilizing a receiver may seem to add a small cost to a project, but it usually ends up saving money and always saves your sanity. 

Want to use a receiver, but unsure how to convince your client? 

It’s actually pretty easy: it will save them money! While a client may voice concern about the upfront cost associated with using a receiver, it is unlikely that your hourly fee is less than that of a receiver’s and the billable time all parties generate in back and forth communication will be greatly reduced. 

What if my client says no?

Daniel House Club advises against working with clients who question every cost upfront, especially ones that will save them money, or improve everyone’s experience. If they’re unable to understand this, they’re probably going to struggle to understand a lot of your billing.You may wish to consider letting this type of client go and wait for a better one. 

We’re here to help!

If you want to improve your business, increase client satisfaction, and decrease late night client calls, we highly recommend the use of a receiver. They are a foundational component of a professionally managed interior design project. We have compiled this list of recommended receivers across the country. Hopefully there is one near you! 

Our Concierge Team is also available to answer any situational questions you may have: concierge@danielhouse.club.


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