Listen to Peter & Alex on The Business of Design Podcast

Listen to Peter & Alex on The Business of Design Podcast
"As design professionals, our role goes beyond simply creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. We play a critical role in assisting our clients in making well-informed decisions about how to allocate their renovation or decorating budget.

For episode 311 of the BOD™ Podcast, we were honored to have Peter and Alex from Daniel House Club join us as we discussed the best ways to guide clients in making budget-conscious decisions while still achieving their desired outcome.

We covered the key considerations involved in advising clients on where to splurge and where to save, including vendor categories such as furniture and lighting. By sharing our expert insights, we aimed to help listeners make smart and informed recommendations every time.

To listen to this insightful conversation, visit the link below to listen now, search Business of Design™ on your preferred podcast platform or save this post to listen later!"

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