Kimberley Seldon Interviews Daniel House Club Founders

Kimberley Seldon Interviews Daniel House Club Founders

Do you listen to the Business of Design podcast? If not, you should! Not just because our founders - Peter & Alex Spalding - were just interviewed by its host, Kimberley Seldon, but because it is a truly great resource for expert guidance on how to manage your design business. 

Peter and Alex had a great time talking with Kimberley. They were so excited to get to share about their upbringing, their time managing their own design business, and the resource they built to help designers find financial success sooner! 

business of design interview with Daniel House Club


You can listen to the interview here! We of course, recommend subscribing to The Business of Design of Podcast. And, if you're looking for ways to improve your design business become a member of Business of Design, its an invaluable resource!

Don't forget, if you join Daniel House Club before March 31st use the code BODPRO to get 50% off your membership!


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