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Sawyer Pendant 15" - Aged Brass

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Renaissance painters pioneered the sfumato technique-a way of blurring the lines between things, which enabled them to render the human face in more lifelike form as well as create rich atmospheric effects. Not bound just to the field of painting, we use it here to achieve exactly that sense of atmosphere. In our Sawyer family, we employ a sfumato glassblowing technique to impart a misty, smoky quality to the glass. Each original glass diffuser moves from opaque to transparent, its point of transition obscure.

  • Overall 12.3" W x 12.3" D
    Min Height 18.75"
    Max Height 72.75"
    Canopy Width 4.75"
    Wire/Cord Length 95"
    Stem/Rod Type Stem
    Shade Top Width 2.85"
    Shade Bottom Width 6.25"
    Shade Height 12"
    Product Weight 14 lbs
  • It is recommended that fixtures are ONLY cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Do NOT use cleaning\r\nsolutions! These solutions may cause unintended, irreversible effects on the finish and void the\r\nwarranty.