Gridiron Stainless Steel Bookshelf

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    The conduit design of this Gridiron series installment artfully blends stainless steel tubing with five tempered glass shelves. Modernism used to be about extremes. Wild shapes and patterns that donÕt dare resemble its predecessors. WeÕve reached an age of maturity of sorts. We appreciate style, but all the more, we respect those designs that represent a blending of cultures. The Gridiron stainless steel shelving unit is famous not for its radical shape, but for the strategic transcendence that it provides.
    Set Includes:
    One - Gridiron Stainless Steel Stand

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    Overall 71" H x 39.5" W x 11.5" D
    Shelf Dimensions 37.5"L X 10"W X .5"H
    Bottom Shelf Height 19.5""H
    Middle Shelves Height 11.5"H

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