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Austrian Art Deco Rug Portico Taupe with Geometric Pattern

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1-2 Weeks
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1-2 Weeks
Hand-Knotted in Wool and Silk, this modern rug is from the Art Deco rug collection by Rug and Kilim. Its design honors a particular Austrian Art Deco rug and pattern style by the avant-garde of the 1920s movement. Our Portico design draws inspiration from the titular architectural style and textile patterns of Josef Hoffmann and other Vienna artisans. The colorway is a unique play of rich and soft Browns and greens, taupe undertones and light pink accents. Admirers of craft will especially the sense of dimension and subtle, yet elegant new approach to this sensibility. The Silk has a gentle natural sheen, which lends a tasteful play of light and a sense of movement in kind. Designers will further appreciate this rug's signature weave, a versatile choice for its thick, durable pile and fine textural beauty. Its construction has been refined over several years of diligent work through one of the finest bespoke the looms today.   This allows us to recapture Art Deco designs with more current capabilities, and still evoke their original, iconic. It’s our contribution to the style this rug embodies, one that honors European masters with a modern masterpiece in kind. Custom orders are available.

Rug and Kilim allows for a 3-day in-home rug trial for you to test the rug in your space before making a final decision. Return shipping is not included.

Custom orders are available. Please reach out to us at concierge@danielhouse.club.

  • Overall 117.0" W x 164.0" D