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Deco Dining Chair, White, Set of 2

Estimated arrival: 4 Months
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4 Months
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4 Months

Solid American walnut with a top quality polyester upholstery seat give the Deco dining chair its stylish good looks and makes it the perfect chair for a formal or casual dining room.

  • Overall 31.0" H x 21.0" W x 21.0" D
    Additional Dimensions Leg Height:18"
    Seat Depth 17"
    Seat Width 19"
    Product Weight 15 Lbs
  • Clean vinyl fabric on a monthly basis to remove any build up of dust, dirt, food, or oils that could damage the fabric over time.\nWe recommend using a mild soap mixed in a very low concentration with water as a cleaning solution for vinyl fabric.\nWe do not recommend using any polishes, waxes, aerosol sprays, or harsh cleaning products on vinyl fabric.\nDo not place any vinyl fabrics near heat sources or in direct sunlight as this will damage and dry out the fabric.