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"Hugo" Vintage Lowboy Dresser - Satin Lacquer Finish

Estimated arrival: 6-8 Weeks
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6-8 Weeks
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6-8 Weeks
Say hello to Hugo! Hugo is a glorious big lowboy dresser, or perhaps a buffet. This is our first piece in our water-based 2k lacquer in satin! Please reach out and let us know what you think. Hugo has 6 large wide drawers and gorgeous new brushed brass hardware. These are very substantial and a perfect match to the satin finish. Purchasing a refurbished vintage piece helps reduce the 12 million tons of furniture that annually ends up in US landfills. Join us in the sustainable design movement! We rescue and refresh, so you can reclaim a lovely #rheirloom of your own.
  • Overall 32.0" H x 72.0" W x 18.25" D
  • Like with any new piece of furniture, the finish will endure for many more generations with proper care. Dust often and use a very mild soap and soft sponge for any necessary spills. Do not use any cleansers with ammonia or other harsh chemicals, it will dull the finish. More tips are available on our website.