Learn to Vegetable Dye with Rio Wrenn, Saturday, March 14th, 2020

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Harvesting Colors

Saturday, March  14, 2020  -  10am - 4pm  -  Daniel House, 2328 NW Westover RD Ste 100, Portland, OR 97210

Spend the day with local fabric maker, Rio Wrenn, as she teaches us her craft! Learn to make your own dyes and leave with your own fabric panel to use as a scarf or table runner.

During this intensive class, Rio will take us on an exploration of colors from nature combined with iron. We will learn to create rich color palettes that can be used by weavers, designers, textile artists,  printers and more. With locally harvested plants, we'll make dye baths and talk about native vs invasive collecting. We will also create a dye bath using ferrous sulfate salts and Rio will teach you how to make your own, nails and metal scraps.  By using few ingredients, Rio will show us how to create mixes of color shades to incorporate into our own patterns.  


Please bring an apron, a large towel that can get dirty, pen and note pad.
We will be providing the fabrics to create small samples and medium samples of combinations.  There will also be silk panels available to create a larger final piece that can become a scarf, table runner or whatever you want it to become.

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Registration closes - March 12

There will be 5 hours of class time starting at 10 AM, and a one hour lunch break at Noon.  All levels are welcome.

There will be light refreshments available, but please bring your own lunch for the break. You are welcome to stay or eat out during this break.

About Rio: 

In 2013, Rio Wrenn, the owner and artist behind the brand decided it was time to strip the collections down and revisit the main driving force behind the label: a strong desire and love for textile design and the processes that she has developed since 2001. These processes are directly inspired by the tension between the soft and hard found within the sexuality of botany and spirit of nature. This tension gives way to serendipitous manipulation and a sweet surrender to the process. “My love of botany and the natural world is infused in every thing I make. Now is the time to bring this beauty and love to the next level.”

That next level is expanding R A W Textiles reach. Rio explains, “Our focus is textile collections that will be available to designers in apparel and interiors. This will include licensing, and custom pattern development, to traditional textile production. There will be several dye colors that will only be available seasonally. This is to create cyclic harmony with the seasons here in the Northwest. Many of the plant material are collected in quantities that can only be replenished every season. This is great for small runs in collections.”

Learn more about Rio and her work.

More Process Details:

We will create dye baths with colors found in nature such as black walnut, marigold, and madder root.  All of these plants can be easily obtained or grown in your garden.  When we combine them with a simple mordant - Aluminum Sulfate or Alum the colors will become fast and bright on the fibers.  When we combine them with Ferrous Sulfate salts or iron they will darken and change colors.  Together we will mix and dip sample silks and cottons to witness these results.  After this basic understanding we will then begin to layer colors with pattern by simple shibori methods.  By only using three colors you will discover a multitude of combinations.