Daniel House Club

Your partner in the business of design.

"The one thing that was a surprise for me was understanding there’s a difference between being a designer and being an operator of a business...if you’re not careful, those administrative things can really suck you into the weeds, and when that happens, I find my creative juices are the first to go."

Stevie McFadden

About Us

As a designer, you spend excessive amounts of time finding products, managing vendors, and handling logistics. And after doing that, many clients will still cut you and your profits out, and purchase on their own.

After five years building our own interior design firm, we have become intimately familiar with the struggles of the industry. It is a complex industry to operate in. You need to deal with moving pieces from every direction, and you rarely get rewarded for all of your time.

That is why we built The Daniel House Club. Our platform is designed to bring all the products designers want to complete their projects in one spot. We offer everything with the same shipping terms and priced so you can build margin in your business.

We simplify sourcing and logistics so you can focus on designing.

"I have to fill out all of the forms, convince them I’m a legitimate trade member, and go through a huge hassle. I always think, there’s got to be a better way. You’re trying to streamline the supply chain and that is really needed in this industry."

Katie Frank, Saint Tropez Home

Meet the Team

Alexander Spalding, CEO

Alexander Spalding, CEO

Alex plots the general Daniel House strategy. He works to support all internal activity to ensure we are supporting our team and customers as best as possible. He studied at Texas A&M, earning degrees in Finance and Business Honors, as well as at the University of Oxford, studying Theology and Apologetics. He’s worked in training & finance roles in at Bergstrom Automotive, Young Life, and M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. While at Oxford, he founded the Spaldeian Library - a social club and lending library. Alex is an avid traveller, a voracious reader, and has dabbled in fencing and polo.

Peter Spalding, Chief Brand Officer

Peter Spalding, Chief Brand Officer

Peter Spalding oversees the Brand at Daniel House. He is making sure our vendors and marketing align, not just with who we want to be, but who our customers want to be. He holds a B.A. in Architecture History and Urban Design from NYU, as well as a certificate from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. Before launching his own practice, Peter collaborated with numerous architecture and design firms in Manhattan. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, as well as on the cover of American Arts Quarterly. He’s an avid runner, fair-weather skier, and lifelong student of architecture.

Caleb Iorg, COO & CFO

Caleb Iorg, COO & CFO

Caleb manages the operational execution of Daniel House Club and also oversees the accounting and finance function of the business. Caleb’s passion is to make sure the back-end operations run smoothly and efficiently, giving all of our customers a great experience every time they interact with us. Caleb has BA and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of Oregon. Caleb spent 10 years as COO/CFO for two e-commerce companies in the eyewear industry (Society43 and Revant Optics) before joining Daniel House. Caleb loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, traveling, and playing or watching sports.